Document Your Trip


Traveling allows us to see more of the world, to learn more about other people’s cultures, and to widen our points of view. But traveling has also become a lifestyle nowadays. If you’re on social media, you probably follow travel vloggers or Instagram accounts that share their trips around the world. If you want to be part of this lifestyle, here are five tips to best document your trip.

Find the best mobile signal

The first thing you need to do is to find the best mobile signal. You can’t post anything to your social media or interact with your followers and other travel accounts if you don’t have a strong connection. At the same time, a poor internet connection prevents you from planning your trip and doing research on the places that you want to visit. Therefore, before anything else, make sure that you always have a good mobile signal 

Take a lot of pictures 

Some people find it intimidating to take on photography because they don’t have a professional camera to take high-quality pictures with. But a lot of the influencers you find on Instagram and other social media platforms just use their smart phones to take amazing photographs. So even if you only have your phone’s camera with you when you travel, take a lot of pictures. Some will end up on your feed. Others will serve as memory keepsakes that you can look back to in the coming years to remember all the things you did when you traveled.  

Take videos 

Even if you’re not a YouTuber or travel vlogger, you should still take videos during your trip. Take full advantage of the technology that you carry around in your pocket, a.k.a. your smartphone, and record as many videos as you can to have a visual reminder of the places you visited. You can show these footages to your children in the future or watch them when you just want to reminisce. 

Edit what you have before posting it online 

The travel photos you often see on Instagram didn’t come out that way. What this means is that influencers usually pick the best shots out of their camera rolls, edit these pictures to adjust exposure, contrast, white balance, etcetera, or to simply apply filters, and then post them to their very curated feeds. So before you post any of your pictures online, look through everything that you took and edit the best shots. A well presented feed leads to better online interactions and a wider reach.

Keep a journal just for yourself

We’re living in an online world and that’s an indisputable fact. It seems like everything we do is posted straight to our social media accounts. But there’s a certain satisfaction you get from keeping some things to yourself – like a travel journal, for example. You can keep more intimate photos (after printing them out), memories, and thoughts from your travels in a physical journal.

So these have been five tips on how to best document your trip. The next time you travel, remember to find the best mobile signal, take lots of photos and videos, edit before you post, and keep a journal of your most intimate realizations from your trip.