Fancying a getaway in England?

In the southwestern part of England, there is a marvelous county with myths and legends, secluding coves and villages. It is a popular holiday destination for adventurers.

Staying in this remote county can be more than just booking a hotel to distance people from the nature. To make most of the tranquil environment, here are 6 ways of making moments in Cornwall.


Surrounded by the panorama of Cornish countryside, the most relaxing way of sparing a few weeks for vacation is to go camping in Cornwall. With spacious parking facilities and numerous options for camping, Perran Springs provides five pitch areas including Swift, Pheasant, Jay, Owl and Woodpecker for families to enjoy an outdoor grill, an immersion into the English nature or simply reading a thoughtful book over the weekend. Dishwashing facilities and free hot water will also be provided. The address for this amazing camping spot is:

Perran Springs Holiday Park


If camping is too traditional for a vacation, then caravan touring would be a good choice. The degree of mobility given by a caravan allows travelers to wander around from an Atlantic swell to the legendary King Arthur’s birthplace in Tintagel Castle. The hand-built Minack Theatre is also an extraordinary outdoor theatre that brings back tourists back to the Celtic past of this county.


Pitches are also capable of accommodating up to 28ft in length for motorhomes. The holiday park in Cornwall gives a range of options to guest who prefers to explore a bit more of Cornwall with Fishing Lake entrances and Nature Trail to be a bit away from the facility building in Owl Area; another considerable plan is to stay with wildlife in Carn Moor Nature Reserve and Conservation Area.

Holiday Homes

Adventures do not make most of the magic happen. A highly likely option for those who are less adventurous is to find a static caravan holiday home to get a comfortable lounge and decent bedrooms to make this visit to Cornwall as a time-off from work. Basic facilitates including free hot water, flee gas and free electricity will also be included in the holiday home.


Enjoying camping does not mean one has to bring all equipment for hoovering over the weekend. Super Eurotents are designed for those who plan to experience a camping holiday without thinking too much about the preparation for a trip like this. Cosy bedrooms are also guaranteed to ensure adventurers are charged full before going for vigorous activities like rock climbing.


The most luxurious way of spending a Cornish holiday is probably getting the glamping pods with each wooden pod of 4.8m long and 2.49m wide, getting the double glazed front door and window for upgraded security and privacy.

Regardless of any way of sparing time in this exotic English tourist destination, one thing for sure is that Cornwall is a distinctive place with its own regional history which sets it different from most of the English cities. Perran Springs is an exclusive place for those who want to most of their time in Cornwall.