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In 2019, the beauty industry made $532 billion. Becoming a freelance makeup artist will help you tap into this growing market.

Transparency about pricing and quality is a popular trend amongst makeup brands today. On that note, there should be more transparency regarding building a freelance makeup career.

If makeup is your passion, make a job out of it. You deserve to get paid to do what you love.

Here are the steps you must take to learn how to become a freelance makeup artist.

Gain Makeup Experience and Confidence

Get the professional and educational experience you need to succeed as a makeup artist. This includes acquiring whatever certifications are necessary to achieve your goals. During this time, you’ll also build a professional makeup kit to use with clients.

Gaining experience gives you time to build a portfolio. Your portfolio consists of images you’ll show to clients to provide examples of your work.

It also gives you time to complete the next step.

Define Your Specialties

Specialization is one of the best freelancing tips for makeup artists out there. As you gain experience, your makeup strengths and weaknesses will become apparent. It’s normal to excel at certain types of makeup while not being so good at others.

Be honest with yourself and others about the types of makeup you’re good at. It’ll help you target your client audience when you complete the following step.

Set up Your Pricing and Website

Knowing how to be a freelance makeup artist means setting up your pricing and branded website. Research your competitors’ prices and websites to get an idea of what they look like and how to make yours better.

Your website and its images must be high quality and professional. Clients will form impressions about you and your brand based on your website, which means it’ll affect your brand image. An attractive and SEO-friendly website increases brand awareness and sales all at once.

Build Your Business on Social Media

Promoting your makeup skills, website, and portfolio on social media will help you get more freelance makeup artist work. Learning about marketing (especially social media marketing) will help you target your audience even effectively.

Social media also helps you keep up with makeup trends and the beauty community. Be sure to engage with beauty community groups on Facebook. You should also have branded accounts on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Set Boundaries

Once you start growing your business, you’ll need boundaries in place to prevent burnout. Boundaries also prevent your work life from interfering with your home life and social life.

Balancing work and social activities while maintaining sanity is a challenge for many freelancers. Fortunately, this helpful link will teach you how to maintain your social life and stability as a freelancer.

Become the Freelance Makeup Artist You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Around 82% of women believe that wearing makeup makes them feel more self-confident. By working as a freelance makeup artist, you’ll make your clients feel more confident than ever.¬†Freelancing as a makeup artist lets you get paid to make people feel better about their appearance.

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