The top job in the world of law is that of a judge, an important position which sees many great men and women become the focal point of the courtroom. Judges at all levels, be it Grand Jury or district level have a vital role to play in the process of law and they are some of the most respected people in the world. As with many types of professions, there are certain characteristics which all judges possess, which you will most certainly need if you are planning to aim for a career such as this. I spoke to legal expert Adam M Smith to find out more about what characteristics judges need.

Hard Work Ethic

No judge has ever attained their position without incredible levels of hard work and sacrifice. Judges must be outstanding throughout their school and college years, and then throughout law school they must work exceptionally hard in order to pass the BAR exam. Once they have passed through education however, this is when the real hard work begins. Judges must have exemplary records during their time as an attorney, and they must show the powers-that-be, that they are capable of completing a judgeship.


Judges cannot do their job if they are not honest and law abiding themselves. The person who holds the position of judge simply cannot conduct themselves in any other way than that of a moral and exemplary member of society.


One of the hardest characteristics to master is that of impartiality, to listen to both sides of a case at length, without having any particular sway of opinion, unless it is based on pure, hard facts. This can be difficult because after all, we are all humans and there are certain natural emotions and prejudices which we automatically make. Judges however must be self-aware of their own prejudices, in order to ignore them and make an impartial decision.


Some court cases can go on for weeks, months and even years, so patience is most certainly a virtue which all judges need to have. Patience in this regard is about being able to listen and pay attention for long periods of time, without switching off. This is something which you can most definitely improve over time, but it is helpful to have the ability to be patient with people from the outset.

High Standards

A court of law is a place where it is vital that rules are in place and followed to the letter, as judge it will be your responsibility to manage and maintain order in the courtroom. In order to best do this, you must ensure that you manage your court room with high standards, paying close attention to every aspect of what goes on inside. Though these high standards you will be able to demand respect for the court, and in turn a solid legal case.