Your Toyota Camry is famous for its comfort, dependability, fuel economy and safety features. Choosing the right battery is key to ensuring that your Camry stays dependable and takes you wherever you need to go. When you’re shopping for the best Toyota Camry batteries, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Some great advice can help you find the best battery model for your vehicle.

Know What Your Camry Needs

If you bought your Camry new, it would have come with a standard OEM battery installed. The average vehicle battery lifespan ranges between three and five years, but several factors can impact that lifespan. Hot daytime temperatures can prompt more chemical activity inside the battery and evaporation of its fluids. For that reason, car batteries may need replacement about a year earlier in warmer climates than those in colder regions.

The amount of power needed to run your vehicle and its accessories can also impact its lifetime of usefulness. Infotainment centers are becoming a standard feature in many vehicle models, but manufacturers usually compensate for this by installing an OEM battery that puts out more power. If you install accessories with high power draws, you’ll likely need to swap out the battery sooner or choose a premium model.

Follow These Battery Shopping Tips

Fortunately, finding a replacement battery can be easier than you think. It doesn’t hurt to know your battery’s specs: specifically, its cold cranking amps and reserve capacity. You can find this information either in your Camry’s owner manual or on the original battery itself. The cold cranking amps indicate how much power it takes for the battery to start your vehicle on a cold day, while the reserve capacity is the number of minutes that a fully-charged 12-volt battery at degrees Fahrenheit can produce 25 amps at 10.5 volts. Cold cranking amps is an important measurement in cold climates, but those in warmer regions can pay more attention to the reserve capacity.

Most parts retailers have great tools to help you find vehicle batteries that fit your Camry’s exact make, model, year and engine type. One common way they do this is drop-down menus that let you select these details. Even better, some retailers offer a VIN decoder from which their websites can pull the exact specs for your vehicle. That helps the guesswork out of ensuring you select a battery with the right fit, part number and power capacity.

Standard battery models are good for basic driving needs, but vehicles with heavy power needs may best benefit from premium battery models such as those labeled “gold” or “platinum.” Evaluate each battery carefully, weighing its features up against your vehicle’s specs and power usage.

Observe Proper Maintenance Practices

Periodically checking your Camry’s battery is an important step in helping it last as long as possible. You should test it twice a year to keep track of its available power. If you don’t have testing equipment, you can ask for this service at a reliable local auto parts retailer. These professionals can also test other electrical system parts and answer common questions such as “what does a tune up consist of” and “How do I change my oil?”