There are numerous principles to having a good golf game. These principles and rules are the same no matter where in the world you play, from Memphis to Paris and from Louisville to Beijing. Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether you play on the green of a foundation, University, a country club, or any other course, the rules are always the same. Playing golf means being part of a community. Clubs understand that people who play the game awesome to spend time together, which is why there is usually a clubhouse. This is where the fun conversations are held and not where the game is played. This is why Bob Mims Memphis wanted to highlight a number of key principles of importance.

Bob Mims Memphis Club Houses

If you have ever entered a golf club house, you may have been quite shocked at the level of camaraderie that can be seen here. Membership to a golf club is like being a part of a family. Someone who is a CFO will be on equal footing with someone who has recently faced an arrest.  At the same time, it is quite common to see people of the same profession in his golf clubs, where they go over a new guideline for their HR department, a new report in which one of their board members was cited, who got fired and hired, and any other type of news. If you ever want to become a member at a steal, meaning you don’t have to pay as much, then the best time to join is August.

Bob Mims Memphis on the Principles of Golf

As soon as someone steps out of the clubhouse however, it is time for the more serious business of golf and that needs to follow a number of key principles. Many of those principles, such as understanding the rules, not getting in each other’s way, and playing fairly, are common sense. However, there are also some other principles to be aware of. Those include:

  1.  To never be afraid to ask questions. A lot of people simply don’t know what the etiquette of the golf course is and it is fine to ask about this. For instance, some golf clubs do expect you to tip the caddy whereas others don’t. If you are unsure, you need to ask.
  2.  To remember to shout “fore” after you have hit the ball. This is something often seen in movies and a lot of people don’t realise that it is actually serious. This sound can be heard across the golf course and insurance people who were walking between horse know that there is a vowel on its way, thereby protecting them from injury.
  3.  To understand that golf is actually a dangerous sport. It is perhaps not an extreme sport in which it is likely that you, as a player, will sustain very significant injuries, but it can happen. Getting hit by a ball or a golf club or Avios dangerous, but so is taking your swing wrong and thereby injuring your back muscles.