With more flexibility over the betting markets you can bet on, there’s also started to be even more freedom with the selection of sports that you’re able to bet on. The UK is full of fans of different sports, with football and horse racing being the main focus when it comes to sports betting, but there’s just as much excitement surrounding betting on less mainstream sports. Darts is one of the many worthwhile examples, as there’s loads of outcomes you can bet on and always an exciting darts competition in the pipeline to place your bets on.

For those who aren’t as sure about how darts works, it can seem overwhelming at first but it’s actually very simple. It can’t be stressed enough how difficult it is to bet on any sport that you’re not totally knowledgeable about, so it would be advised that you do your research on it before placing any of your own money. After working out how the sport works, you need to find out how betting on darts works too, as it can be a completely different subject even following on from learning the basics of the sport.

Betting on darts

There is a vast selection of different markets for building your own darts tips for betting this week. If you’re not comfortable with making your own, you can always check out the extensive darts previews on Team FA, but for those who think they’re ready to come up with their own, there are some markets that suit any newcomers. As with all sports you’ll bet on, backing the winner of a chosen match is likely to be the most popular option due to the fact that it’s also the most basic, but the odds are unlikely to be strong when a clear favourite is taking on a less experienced player with a poor record.

In this instance, you’ll find that a lot of punters will opt for backing a winning margin instead, where you can choose by how many points your favoured player will win. This can come in the form of Handicaps or as the Correct Score market, where you can select exactly how the game will play out by the eventual winning scoreline. All bookmakers will provide a variety of ways to bet on the final score, with the more specific outcome being less likely to land but it also meaning even bigger odds.

When you’re ready to step up your game and start building more advanced darts betting tips, a lot of the more experienced punters will back outcomes that focus on statistics markets. These will include factors surrounding the number of legs and points, where you can specify each variable in a number of ways and work out whether or not there’ll be a Nine Dart Finish or 170 Check-Out throughout the game.