No matter what you think, you will eventually need to deal with some business security problems. This is not a matter of if it will happen. It is a matter of when it will happen. You have to be prepared.

The big problem is that businesses are not actually protecting their data, even if they think they do it. According to James Scott ICIT, there are countless incredible mistakes made by businesses when referring to protecting their critical data. Those that are the most common are presented below.

Thinking That Data Is Secured Because Of An On-Site Backup

So many businesses believe that everything is secured simply because their brick and mortar location is and they have on-site backups in place. Unfortunately, this does not actually offer the safety that is needed. The data that is considered to be critical should be backed up in multiple locations. This does include off-site. If you can also access those important files through internet connection, it is a clear added benefit.

If you believe that on-site data backups are secure, just think about natural disasters. What happens if a hurricane hits? All that data might end up lost.

Thinking New Technology Guarantees Security

One of the biggest downfalls that appear when referring to security threats is thinking that there is already all needed security in place. For instance, when Microsoft Windows 10 appeared, it included a firewall. So many businesses started to rely on that. What the managers did not know is that although that firewall protects against the really common threats, a hacker can easily get around it.

The small business needs to be aware of all the security options that are available. New technology does not guarantee security. If you do not know what to use in your business, simply talk to a security specialist. As an example, instead of the Windows firewall, a managed firewall application would be much better as this would block all the unnecessary online traffic and restrict the applications that are used on the entire business network.

Thinking The Security Added A Year Ago Is Enough

It is really important that the business analyzes the security that is in place from time to time. Doing this once per year is simply not enough because of the speed at which dishonest hackers and software makers evolve. There are brand new security threats that appear every single day. It is really important for a business to have a system in place that is constantly updating. If this is not the case, there is always the possibility that a hacker will find his way through.

Thinking There Is Not Enough Time Available To Do The Security Updates

The truth is that updating the operating system, the browser and security programs do take time. Every single person out there that went through a large Windows 10 update understands how much time can be wasted, time in which you cannot use the computer. Unfortunately, businesses end up not doing security patching and updating simply because of this time-related reason. Never do that! If you do not have the needed time, all you have to do is hire someone to do this outside of regular business hours.