Last year I decided that after many years of being unhappy with the shape of my nose, that I would go to see a surgeon who could reshape it for me. After researching online, I found some glowing reviews for Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh NC surgeon who has a surgery that specializes in head and neck procedures. Given the rating that he had online, I couldn’t not at least go and see so I went in for a chat with the good doctor, to see what he could do. My experience from start to finish with Stein Plastic Surgery was absolutely incredible, the man really is a star surgeon. I wanted to take a moment today to answer some of the most common questions that are asked about this kind of surgery.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unless you have been in an accident and you have damaged your nose, a rhinoplasty will be a choice which you have made and cost will be a key factor. Naturally the price will vary from surgeon to surgeon and the average cost will range between $2,879 and $10,200. The cost also series depending on where in the country you are, so call around a few local clinics and get a mean price for your location.

What are The Risks?

Technology has advanced a huge amount in the last 20 years which means that this surgery is a generally safe procedure which can be carrie out with minimal risks. With that being said there is still a very small possibility that you have an adverse reaction to anesthesia, you may have breathing difficulties after the surgery or you may even be unhappy with the work which has been done, and need to go back to have it further altered.

What is the Process?

Rhinoplasty will be carried out under general anesthetic and the surgery will typically last for no longer than two hours. The surgeon will make an incision either between your nostrils at the base of the nose, or alternatively in the linking of your nostrils. The surgeon will then proceed to remove or rearrange cartilage in your nose until he or she gets the desired look. In some cases the surgeon may break the bones in the nose in order to reshape it but all of this will be discussed before you opt in for your surgery.

How Long to Recover ?

Recovery after a rhinoplasty surgery will take between 7 and 10 days, and those days can be quite uncomfortable. It is likely that given the interference under the skin of the nose, that you have some swelling and bruising, and perhaps even some blood in the days after your surgery, all of this is very normal. It is recommended that you avoid strenuous activity for 4 weeks after you have had the operation.

The success rate of rhinoplasty is very high and if you aren’t happy with the shape of your nose, this is a great surgery to elect.