Dropship Products

We are currently on the run up to Christmas and if your company sells products then you will know only too well what a busy, and potentially stressful time of year this can be. Speaking of Christmas, I faced a huge learning curve four years ago when we were approaching our very first Christmas. In truth, we weren’t nearly as prepared as we could have been and as a result, we had numerous customers who didn’t receive orders, couldn’t speak with us to find out what was going on and consequentially we lost a lot of custom, and a lot of money.

The year after that fateful Christmas, I took action to ensure that delivery would never be an issue again. This can happen at any time of the year of course, not just Christmas, and here are some ways in which you can give your customs a better delivery service.

EDI Dropshipping

EDI stands for electronic data interchange, which in basic terms is the automation of traditional methods, through the conversion to computers. I had already been using EDI in many otters aspects of the business but hadn’t released about the EDI dropshipping program which you can use to give your clients the best delivery service. This software makes the entry process automated and works within e-commerce solutions, vendor outreach support as well as testing and reporting to give you the information you need to best serve you customers. Originally I was concerned about the amount of money I would have to pump in to the company to fix our mistakes, but this sophisticated and highly functional software solution turned out to be the only thing that we needed.

After Care Team

Part of the reason that the Christmas was so disastrous was because we had no additional support and no after care team in place. This meant that once we believed that a product had been shipped, we didn’t ask any questions and we weren’t there to follow up. Problems can arise from time to time and it is vital that you are on hand to fix a customers problems. In actual fact I think that if you can offer someone outstanding service when there is an issue, the customer is going to leave the situation with a positive view of the company, rather than focussing on the original issue itself.

Using The Best

If you are serious about giving your customers the best delivery service then it is vital that your company is using a trusted and reliable delivery courier. One of the many issues which we had over that Christmas time four years ago was that we had decided to go with a cheap and relatively new delivery service and it was in fact them who let us down the most. Cost cutting is fine as long as you don’t do so at the detriment of your customers.