Why more people are becoming interested in pgd, or preimplantation genetic diagnosis, gender selection New York. In fact, it is known that out of all the different gender selection techniques, this one is the most reliable. Couples who come up for whatever reason, wish to be certain of the gender of their baby can use pgd with almost 100% accuracy.

Who Is Gender Selection New York For?

Gender selection is hotly debated topic. Some people worry that it is like playing God. However in this country, it has been used for many decades in order to stop genetic disorders from being passed on to children. Certain disorders, such as duchenne muscular dystrophy and haemophilia, are  passed on only to certain genders. By using pgd, they are able to ensure that their children to not fall victim to these difficult diseases.

At the same time, over the past decade, gender selection has also been offered to people for non medical reasons. One commonly accepted reason is that families would like to create a balance. For instance, if they already have a girl they would prefer to have a boy next.  When clinics offer pgd2 families for non medical reasons, they do usually have a number of requirements in place. For instance, they must already have children of the other gender or the couple must be married.

How Does PGD Work?

Pgd works in a similar way as IVF. This means that a woman donates an egg that becomes fertilized. Just as with IVF, the woman is also given fertility medication, thereby maturing more than one egg. The eggs are removed from the ovaries through keyhole surgery, and they are then fertilized in a laboratory with the sperm of their partner. In so doing, multiple embryos are created, which can be tested for gender and other genes. Once completed, the healthiest embryo, or sometimes two embryos, are implanted into the woman’s womb.

Advantages of PGD

  • It has 99% to 100% accuracy.
  • The embryos are tested not just for gender but also for genetic abnormalities, thereby ensuring the baby will be healthy and the chance of miscarriage is greatly reduced.
  • Leftover embryos can be frozen and implanted at a later stage should the family wish to expand more.
  • The embryos are gender tested before implantation, which means a woman will not need to abort the pregnancy should the wrong gender have been conceived.

Disadvantages of PGD

  • It is very expensive, costing as much as $20,000, which is not covered by insurance policies.
  • The IVF element of the process is quite invasive and the required medication has side effects.
  • If two embryos are chosen, there is a chance that the woman will carry twins.
  • Couples must decide what to do with unused embryos, which is an ethically difficult decision to make.

Overall, pgd is both effective and safe and enables families to choose whether to have a boy or a girl. Whether or not people agree with the ability to make this choice is another matter altogether.