With the economy picking up and the stock markets at all-time highs, there is lots of money in the economy right now. This is translating into more businesses being started and more retail construction projects being green lit. There is also the promise of huge infrastructure spending starting in 2018 by the government. As a result construction industry jobs are in high demand.

Although every job in the construction industry demands a high level of skill, some like civil engineer require specialists like Reddy Kancharla, and as a result they are difficult to fill. If you have special qualifications you can basically find yourself in demand no matter what part of the country you live in. Here is a list of two of the hottest jobs today in construction.

The Project Manager

The person on a construction project who is in charge of liaising with the government to make sure all licenses are secured and zoning requirements are met, is the project manager. But this is only the beginning of the responsibilities this person has on the project. The project manager is the o to person on a construction site and is the first to respond when there is an issue threatening work, safety or cost overruns. He or she hires the myriad of contractors and sub-contractors who interact with each other and work to complete the project on budget and on time. The project manager must also oversee the work crews and ensure that they are working efficiently and within the law. This requires close adherence to the project estimates, budgets and the construction timetable which the project manager must develop and communicate to the relevant parties on the project. The project manager must be conversant in the language of construction and be able to explain to builders and other professionals associated with the project, what the project needs are, coordinating and collaborating with the architects, engineers and specialists on site. The construction manager also ensures the construction project complies with legal requirements. As you can imagine the job is very hectic and requires someone who can multitask well, is calm under pressure and is able to perform well in high pressure situations.

The Project Architect

Every construction project whether it is a water treatment plant, a skyscraper, or a shopping mall has to be designed by someone who is an expert at the combination of creatively conceiving projects and understanding how to create designs that will be structurally sound. If you look around at the new buildings and other structures you will see both the wide variety as well as the sheer amount of architectural design being employed going on. Since each project must be designed by an architect, this gives an indication of the amount of work available for architects today. An architect must be wonderfully creative while working within the technical guidelines that cause the project to fulfill its function flawlessly. The person must be able to conceive of the project without ever actually seeing it and be able to then communicate that verbally and in design, to those who must build it.

The architect takes the ideas of those who have a desire have something built and then makes them come to life. The architect will be an active member on a construction project insuring that the builders interpret his plans as they are laid out. If there is any issue with the design, he will be there to make a fix or offer further direction and make sure the highest level of quality is maintained throughout.