Undoubtedly, travel physical therapy jobs are a fantastic and exciting career option. It is a growing field and demand is rising all the time. Taking on this type of work brings with it lots of advantages, including the opportunity to help people, meet new friends, and see the country or even the world. However, because you are always traveling, you do need to figure out how housing works, as you do always need to stay somewhere.

Travel Physical Therapy Jobs and Housing

Often, when you register with a travel physical therapy agency, they will also provide you with housing. You have the opportunity to decline their offering, however, in which case they are likely to give you a stipend instead. Exactly how much this is depends on the agency you work for, where you are sent to, how long you are going for, and more. If your assignment is less than 13 weeks, it is recommended to take on a stipend, because subletting and housing rental contracts are usually a minimum of three months.

That said, the housing provided to you by your agency is also very good. Furthermore, it means you don’t have the hassle of having to find something each time. You will often have a number of options to choose from, often with options in apartment complexes, mobile homes, single family homes, hospital living quarters, or extended stay facilities. Usually, you will also be reasonably close to the clinic or hospital to which you are assigned, which is very convenient.

The great thing is that as a travel physical therapist, you can choose whether or not to accept a certain assignment, which means that you get to decide where to go as well. If you are offered a position, therefore, you can ask what the living arrangements are like before deciding whether or not you want free ebooks. An example would be that a mobile home in Los Angeles, where it is warm, could be very pleasant, but it would be very different if it were in Colorado in the middle of winter, for instance.

Of course, you do also have to do a little bit of research. If your agency offers you housing, you should investigate what the neighborhood in which it is located is like. Check out things such as crime rates, demographics, and amenities. Drive through the neighborhood if you can at different times of the day, so you can be sure that you can get a good night (or day)’s rest when you are not at work.

There are pros and cons to both options – organized accommodation or stipend. Do consider, however, that with organized accommodation, your house is likely to be fully furnished. If you choose the stipend, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to purchase things like cutlery, bedding, lights, and more, every few weeks. Always consider all your options before coming to a final decision, and your agency should be more than happy to help you with that.