I have lived in San Clemente, Orange County since I was around 10 years old, and for the last 8 years I have been renting various apartments in the San Clemente area. Renting is not ideal but until I save up for a place I am happy to do so. One thing that has not always made me very happy however was the failings of so many landlords to safeguard their tenants, and to basically do the job that we are paying for.

The apartment complex that I am in right now had many problems when I first arrived, and then they announced that they would be contacting an association management company to take over operations. I instantly checked the reviews for Ammcor, the company who would be taking over, and I after reading the positive comments, I was actually looking forward to the change. Since the arrival of the association management company to this small complex in San Clemente, I cannot tell you just how much they have improved the lives of both the tenants and myself, and here are just some of the reasons why.


The thing that has frustrated me most in the past when it comes to landlords, is their inability to communicate with you, and, even worse, their lack of availability when you need them. As soon as Ammcor came in to the apartments however, they instantly set about changing this. Firstly we now have a telephone number which we can call any time of the day or night, in order to raise any issues which we may have. The best part about this is that there is no answer machine, but a live receptionist who is ready to help you fix whatever problems you may have.


Another feature of any a landlord, especially in apartment complexes like mine, is that they fail to fix maintenance issues inside and outside the apartments, and it takes an age for them to fix them when they finally decide to. Ammcor however, took a radical approach which was to speak with all of the tenants to find out what needed to be fixed or improved, and then made sure that they actually fixed the issues within the space of a few weeks. What is frustrating at times is the fact that most issues can be fixed quickly, Ammcor knew that and made sure that they got on top of the problems from the word go.


I never knew that my tenant agreement was out of date until the association management company came in. In the first week of Ammcor arriving, they spoke with every tenant about the agreements, and drew up new and simple to understand contacts for all of the tenants. Tenants must feel a level of security when they are renting, and getting these details right is just another benefit of what Ammcor has brought.