bike season

With the possible exception of winter, all seasons are great for bicycle riding, but spring is probably the best of all. You can’t wait to head out in some good weather and get the heart pumping and the legs moving. Your electric cruiser bicycle offers a good vantage point to listen to the spring birds and observe the sights and smells of flowers. If you put away your bike in the fall without any maintenance, and let it rest in your garage or basement for the winter, you may want to check on a few things for your first ride. It’s wise to take the following actions in spring:

  • Oil the chain if it needs it
  • Check the brakes
  • Put air in the tires
  • Charge the battery if applicable
  • Check the seat and handlebars for stability   

For any advanced issues bring your bike into a trusted bike shop. Mechanics can check your bike over for safety issues and improve your bike’s performance with a new chain, adjusted gears and better cables.

Get Top Accessories

Spring is also a great time to trick your bike out with some new features. Get a bell that rings or a horn that beeps to warn other bikers that you are approaching on their left. Handy bike baskets for cruisers allow you to carry items such as hats and gloves or to haul items you just bought from the store. They are great for a trip to the beach, allowing you to carry sunscreen, a towel and your flip flops. The best thing about baskets is there is one for everyone. They come in wire mesh, wicker, plastic, cloth and more, and they are made for the front and the back of a bike. Match the color of your basket to your bike. Some are designed to carry your small pet on a bike ride, while others will help you bring some good food to the picnic. Other bike accessories to consider for the spring include bells, mirrors, bike pumps, water bottle cages and phone and cup holders. You might as well get your bike the way you want in the beginning of the bike season.

Get Quality Bikes

Come to think of it, spring is an excellent time to bring your biking to a higher level with a new bike. All new components on a bike that fits your body style and personality is a great way to start the season off. Custom cruiser bicycles offer the best of many worlds with a versatile bike tailored just for you. On these sturdy, comfortable bikes you have the option of pedaling when you want, giving you a good workout, or tapping into a little electric power when you could use some assistance. The motor and battery provide smooth and quiet power when you most need it, and the classic bike frame of a cruiser style gives you comfort and stability. Get your bike ready in spring for trouble-free riding and look online for ideas to enhance your riding this season.