When spring comes, you have to test various components of your car that have been subjected to high loads during the cold season. Experts advise not only changing tires but also checking the battery, engine and suspension.

Experts advise to get your toyota corolla, audio, BMW ready properly for operation in spring, otherwise the consequences of winter driving can be unpredictable.

In winter the car body suffers most of all. However, the effects of moisture and reagents are manifested just in the spring: scratches on the body, clogged with dirt and salt, begin to rust.

Therefore, when it gets warmer, first of all, it is necessary to wash the car thoroughly, including the bottom of the body, as well as the interior and trunk. All damaged paintwork must be treated with anti-corrosion agents. You also should tint the chips if necessary.

In fact, the battery experiences heavy loads during winter due to the difficult starting of the engine.

Thus, the battery can be undercharged, and its further operation in this state will greatly reduce the resource of the device.
Therefore, it is recommended, to recharge the battery. You should also inspect the battery terminals for oxidation.

Getting your car ready for spring involves a visual inspection of the engine. In the cold season, the temperature under the hood of the car varies from -30 to +95*C, which can render the plastic and rubber parts of the engine and other units unusable. This may cause loss of tightness of joints and, as a consequence, leaks of antifreeze and oil.

There is no consensus among specialists on whether it is worth cleaning the engine. On the one hand, this procedure allows you to get rid of the dirt accumulated on all units under the hood during winter, on the other hand, there is a risk of damage to the electrical equipment of the car.

Modern motor oils are of high quality and they do not lose their properties during the winter period. Therefore, oil in gasoline engines should not be changed.

It goes without saying that you should have your car checked for leakage. The details of the brake system of the car should be checked as well. If the brake hoses have cracks, they must be replaced. It is also worth checking the brake fluid level in the reservoir.

If cracks are found on the surface of rubber elements of parts, they should be replaced with new ones. All mobile suspension joints require preventative lubrication.

Do not forget about changing tires of your ford mustang. The most important thing is to do it on time. Thus, it is recommended changing them at the air temperature of 5 degrees above zero. On the one hand, if you do it when it is colder, the grip of summer rubber with the road surface will not be effective enough for safe driving. On the other hand, winter tires have a different composition, and its gripping qualities are lost at a high air temperature.