If you are heading off to the Dominican Republic with your family this year then you have made a very smart choice. Not all of the Caribbean islands are fully equipped to cope with families, especially those with young children, thankfully however, there are plenty of things to do in the Dominican Republic for both adults and children alike. When do arrive on this beautiful Caribbean island, here are just some of the ways in which you can keep the kids entertained.

Parque de Los Tres Ojos 

The caves here in Parque de Los Tres Ojos are enough to fill any child with awe. This exciting national park has a large network of caves, each with rich turquoise pools of water inside them. Unfortunately swimming is not permitted in the waters, but that won’t stop your children from being able to admire the stalactites and stalagmites which they can find in the rock formations.

Punta Cana Beach Fun

Something which you can most certainly count on here in the Dominican Republic is beaches, and plenty of them. The best place I found to take the kids was the beaches of Punta Cana on the east of the country. There are lots of family resorts here and it is tourist heavy, making for an exciting and well equipped selection of beaches where the kids can swim and play. Older kids can even take surf lessons at the local schools, and enjoy the big waves which the beaches have.

Snorkeling in Isla Saona

The fun here in the Dominican Republic is not only on land, but also underneath the water, and snorkeling is a great activity to keep the kids entertained. The best option I think is to take a catamaran tour to Isla Soana, where the kids and adults alike can strap on some flippers and a snorkel, and head below the ocean to discover rich corals and a wide variety of marine life.

Scape Park

Caving and zip lining anyone? Yes is usually the answer from excitable youngsters so taking them to Scape Park in Cap Cana is a great way to let your kids find their adventurous side. This is a natural theme park which offers both of the aforementioned activities, as well as having plenty of cenotes to explore and miles of underground caves and tunnels to explore.

Whale Watching

If you are fortunate enough to go to the island between January and March, you will be able to watch the whale migration just off the Samana Peninsula. Here you will see the humpback whales making their annual migration past the northern coast of the country. Interestingly enough, this is considered as one of the best places in the world to whale watch, and it is an activity which the whole family can enjoy.

There are no reasons at all for kids to be bored on a holiday to the Dominican Republic, and they will be begging you to take them back afterwards.