You like smoking a little bud and several states including California have made both medicinal and recreational use legal. So you can light up legally and without worry of being arrested. Perhaps getting to a dispensary however is difficult because of the location or your schedule, so you would like one to deliver to you. Well if you live in Anaheim California, you can now us an Anaheim marijuana delivery service to deliver the weed right to your door. But this can be a tricky business because some marijuana delivery services are a bit shady. Here are the things to look for in a marijuana delivery service to keep you safe and get you your weed.


Having marijuana delivered to your home simplifies the buying process because you do not have to spend so much time going through the myriad choices of marijuana in the smoke shop. All of your shopping hassles are eliminated or made less and you do not have to be concerned about pushy salesmen or a long wait behind indecisive customers. The best companies work to simplify the process from ordering to purchasing and you will get this benefit.


Safety when purchasing marijuana means that the company you buy from uses all of the legal safeguards when selling and delivering your marijuana to you. This includes:

Only selling legal marijuana to you. Many dispensaries will buy legal and illegal weed putting you at danger when you purchase it from them. You need to make sure that the dispensary is not putting your freedom at risk and only buying government approved marijuana and selling it to customers.

Dispensaries must also do background checks on any drivers they hire. The drivers must also be licensed and carry a state or federal I.D. on them. This protects you in the purchasing process.

They should also use the latest tech regarding your marijuana deliveries which includes tracking your purchases and deliveries by smartphone and be able to tell you precisely when the driver is at any moment.


When the marijuana delivery person arrives it will be in an unmarked vehicle and not in a uniform informing your neighbors that they are from a  marijuana dispensary. This discretion allows you to be anonymous and to keep it that way for as long as you wish.

Fully Licensed

Each cannabis delivery service must be fully licensed by the state to make deliveries to your home. When you call the company they should be prepared to discuss their licensing and to make it available to you for your review. They should also be able to tell you whether they are licensed to sell recreational or medical marijuana or both. You should check the legal status of the company online in the state database and make sure that they license is up to date and activated.

Once all of these issues are put to rest, the main reason to engage a reputable marijuana delivery service is of course the convenience. You can enjoy receiving the marijuana delivered directly to your home and at times convenient to you. No more driving across town to wait on long lines and to sometimes find the strain you want is not in stock.