Did you know that 20% of people have crooked teeth because of past trauma? Crooked teeth are common in many children and adults. This makes most people unhappy, thus forcing them to realign their teeth.

Do you want to get a pretty smile? Then try teeth straightening.

Teeth straightening is a procedure where the tooth is being moved to the right position. It aims to improve speech, chewing, and omit dental health. If you’re looking for how to straighten teeth, check out these 5 ways you can get that great smile.

1. Get Yourself Some Braces

Straightening your teeth is important because it helps you increase your self-confidence That’s why most people go to orthodontists and get themselves some braces.

Dental braces are devices that move teeth to fill their gap and realign them. Adult braces can last up to 16-24 months, depending on how severe the case is. Realigning the teeth also helps in reducing the chance of caries formation.

2. Use Retainers to Fix Teeth

After braces treatment, the patient receives a retainer that straightens their teeth without the metal fixtures. In some cases, most adults are able to correct teeth position by using retainers alone. This gives you a way to get straighter teeth without braces.

It is important to note that retainers work only if there is a little correction needed. It’s rare to find cases like these, as most misalignments are already too much for retainers alone.

3. Headgear Appliance

This is an orthodontic appliance used in the correction of bite and jaw alignment. Unlike braces, the headgear has special instructions in suiting up. This kind of equipment used for 12–14 hours a day to achieve the desired result.

The headgear holds the jaw in position by lifting it upwards. You can’t achieve this amount of stress and pressure with small, unnoticeable devices. This is why the orthodontic headgear is rather large and menacing to look at, dissuading most people who need it.

It gets the job done though, and will help you get an even smile. However, you must be careful in putting on and removing the headgear. Too much pressure when doing so can cut or pierce the gums.

4. Straightening Teeth With Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a product of cosmetic dentistry that help with your smile. They are thin, hard shells that bind with the front area of the tooth. Uses of the treatment vary from correction of teeth, discoloration, and alignment.

5. Invisalign

Invisalign is the most popular way to straighten teeth without braces. This is because there are no signs that a person is even wearing Invisalign to straighten their teeth.

Aligners are removable and you only need to wear them between 20-22 hours per day. It is a gentler process when compared with other types of treatment. The only drawback is that this treatment requires multiple check-ups and can be expensive.

Learn How to Straighten Teeth Today

Knowing the different ways on how to straighten teeth can be valuable for you. Doing so helps you boost your self-confidence and avoid complications along the line. Pick the best option and have your teeth straightened today!

Do you want to learn more ways on how to straighten teeth? There are things you can do to avoid your teeth getting crooked, too. Check out more of our posts to learn all you can now!