Employee Workspace

Office space is an integral part in office workers’ lives. Unluckily, some employees find themselves caged, or chained to a cubicle/cabin. This situation is alarming as it triggers a drop in motivation, which soon reflects in performance. Progress is severely impeded and prey soon the said employee could be heading for the door.

Is it detrimental to your workforce only?

You may give the benefit of doubt if it happens to one or two employees.

But what if the number rises? In that case, it’ll be harshly detrimental to the company, and it something that needs a serious look on your behalf.

Remedies to Deal with Demotivation

To deal with demotivation, the very first remedy is to address it though monetary means, but this may not always work. It’s not always about getting more money and staying ‘trapped’ for longer hours in the same cubicle, which is the root cause of demotivation in the first place.

An incentive doesn’t always need to be financial. As an employer or HR manager, think out of the box, LITERALLY.

Yes, allow your workers to get out of their boxes too. Give them a chance to travel to other cities or countries, enjoy nature, laugh, dine and dance on vacations. You can do this by adding travel incentives to their salary packages.

What is a Travel Incentive Exactly?

In this case, an employee is awarded with a chance to visit some city or country for recreational purposes. It’s usually a holiday trip to some place scenic.

But you can come up with other ideas and venues as well. A stay at a luxury hotel for a day or two or an evening with their favourite celebrity, are good motivators.

The core objective of a travel incentive is to arrange an opportunity for the workforce to escape the cubicle.

Importance & Effectiveness of Travel Incentives

A day out is effective and needed every once in awhile. Just like machines, our body needs rest, which we do every day by sleeping. But after some time, after going through the same routine, sleep is not enough, and our body needs a complete break from work to regain its mental and physical strength.

And what could delight an employee more than an office-sponsored holiday?

Benefits of Travel Incentives to Company

It offers a company the following benefits;

  1. It Wins Employees’ Loyalty & Respect

It conveys positive vibes to employees about the company’s image. They become emotionally attached to it, taking it as a gesture of care. The moment a company positively touches the emotional being of its employees, it emphatically wins their respect and loyalty for good.

When they return, the company has already made space in their hearts through good memories, forming an unbreakable bond forever. The same cursed cubicle becomes convenient and cosy now.

  1. Team Building

When you select a group to go on a trip together, individuals in that group develop better understanding. They return as employees who understand each other, rely on each other and most importantly trust each other.

  1. New Experience Gives Birth to Innovation

When your employees are on vacation, they never forget who they owe this opportunity to. At a subconscious level, they’re ready to repay the debt. They resume their official duties with a higher level of motivation, dedication and hard work. Resultantly, it improves their performance and of the company’s too.

Since incentives aim to improve performance, effective incentive design and management is a specialised field to help you make the most of an incentive programme.