Picture a world without electricity. We are quite sure that this is impossible at the moment since we do rely on electricity for most of our daily actions. In order for electricity to be used by us, it has to be produced and then distributed. Lindsey Manufacturing Company is helping companies from all around the world create reliant distribution systems and is seen as an industry leader. This is also true when referring to emergencies.

The Lindsey ERS (Emergency Restoration System) was created in order to quickly restore power to areas that are affected by natural disasters. For instance, when a flood hits, numerous power towers tend to go down. Getting them back up takes a lot of time. Lindsey Manufacturing Company managed to create the ERS and drastically cut short those times. With the use of the available technology, most power outages can be fixed in just a few days as opposed to even up to a month.

Lindsey ERS Structures

In order to deal with a natural calamity that brought power towers down you need new structures in place. The ERS structures are created in order to quickly be erected and bypass permanent transmission towers. The terrain where the operation takes place is absolutely irrelevant since raising such towers is possible even in the most drastic environments possible. You can build a new tower in a few hours, with different possible installation methods available. This even includes being able to build a power tower with a helicopter. You can easily imagine how beneficial this can be in truly remote areas.

The Lindsey ERS was created to help deal with emergencies but this does not mean quality is shallow. In fact, many of the emergency systems that were set up around the world are still in place today, even if they were intended for temporary use. This is due to the fact that the new towers erected are strong enough to deal with power line distribution requirements. We are faced with a really robust design that practically nobody else offers at the moment.

A True Full Terrain Use

This is, arguably, the most impressive aspect that has to be known about the Lindsey ERS structures. You can install the system anywhere. We see such towers and distribution lines in the Himalayas, the Middle East and in flood-prone areas. The terrain is irrelevant when an experienced engineering team appears and uses quality equipment. Emergency electricity restoration follows some simple steps:

  • The team assesses specific needs.
  • Proper foundation for new tours is laid out.
  • Installation methods are chosen.
  • The best anchor types are chosen.
  • The Lindsey ERS system is built.


Lindsey Manufacturing Company managed to create something that can easily help people affected by loss of power due to unforeseen events. This does include sabotage or acts of man. If a new distribution line needs to be created really fast, no matter the reason, the Emergency Restoration System is the best possible option that is available on the market right now.