Tennis is a very popular sport in the United States, so if you are a regular on the court, forgive me here, as a lot of the below will be familiar to you. For those who have never tried tennis before though, I am going to make a strong case for giving the sport a go in 2021.

Here is why I believe tennis can give you a great amount of pleasure next year, if you decide to take it up as a hobby.

Low Cost Equipment

Unlike many sports, the cost of equipment in tennis is quite low. All you need is a tennis racquet and tennis ball to take part. These are really inexpensive today if you purchase the standard offering. A good time to get one is in early January as many sports stores offer some great sales.

As long as you look after it, a tennis racquet can last for many years, so you will get a great amount of value for your purchase. Equally, unless you lose them, tennis balls don’t need replacing often.

There may also be a small cost when it comes to hiring a tennis court. Some parks offer you the chance to play for free so do some research beforehand to find the location of the courts in your area.

Fitness and Fun

At the start of every year, many people have getting fit quite high on their new year resolutions. Often, they fail to keep up with this after a couple of months into the year as they find running or going to the gym quite boring.

With tennis, you are combining fitness and fun together. If you enjoy running around the tennis court, the chances are you are going to keep it up. This will be especially the case if you have a friend who also enjoys playing. You can encourage each other to play regularly and have some friendly competition.

Tennis players are amongst the fittest athletes in sport. The world number one Novak Djokovic, for example, is equally as strong on the court in the fifth set of a match, as he is in the first. This was evident in the Australian Open earlier this year where he edged a thriller with Dominic Thiem in five sets. The Serbian is the +110 favorite in the tennis betting to defend his title in Melbourne in early 2021.

Age Is No Barrier

Whether you are a senior citizen or a youngster, tennis is a sport which is open to everybody. Tennis clubs have sessions to join across a range of different age groups. This means that even if you don’t have anybody to play with, you can meet others who are of a similar age to you.

This is of course a great chance to socialize and meet new people. The common interest of tennis will help you find new acquaintances and you may decide to even have some food or a drink after your game on the court.

Good luck in 2021 if you do take up tennis. Once you do, you are unlikely to regret it. and it may be the best thing you have picked up in a long time.