To make the garden really cozy, more homeowners are relying on DIY garden furniture. Find out what the right do-it-yourself style furniture can look like below. If you are good with your hands, you can save a lot of money by doing things yourself. 

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Building a Four-Poster Bed for the Garden Yourself

No matter whether you want to cuddle, relax or let the kids run around: our do-it-yourself four-poster bed for the garden will delight your whole family. This is an island of calm that you can reach at any time. Only invest the cost of the building materials and a bit of time to build the four-poster bed yourself. DIY garden furniture like the four-poster bed impresses with its spacious lying area, which is really cozy with cushions and pillows. 

The backrests on the sides ensure that a wonderful sitting area is created where three or even four of you can make yourself comfortable.

Tip : The seating areas can be ideally spiced up with a few side stools, which serve as a practical work surface.

DIY garden furniture like this naturally also needs a fabric roof that can be easily pushed back. This way you can decide whether you prefer to enjoy the sun or stay in the shade. You only need a very thin fabric for this when you build your four-poster bed yourself, which hardly takes up any space at the edge. The do-it-yourself sun protection runs on two tensioned wire ropes, which you can easily unhook as required. This makes cleaning child’s play. And now you can invite your Long Distance Sugar Daddy or significant other over to see your handiwork.

DIY Garden Furniture: Where Should the Four-Poster Bed Be Placed?

The best way to find the right location is to just try it out. You can easily carry your do-it-yourself four-poster bed and reposition it if the support boards have not yet been screwed on. Alternatively, you can also use old moving boxes and fake the construction of your DIY garden furniture. If you want to build the four-poster bed yourself, opt for an entertaining weekend project, which requires nothing more than two people with average craftsmanship. Because basically it’s just about sewing the sun canopy and cutting the following components to length.

Square Timbers

DIY Garden Furniture like this just requires a little more time as it relates to sanding and painting the untreated wood. If you want to build the four-poster bed yourself, you don’t need teak or other expensive wood. Rather, it is sufficient to only sand the outer sides of the boards. With painting, it is different.Your new do-it-yourself four-poster bed should be optimally protected against moisture so it needs an all-round coating.

Tip : Use glaze instead of opaque paint and save yourself time building it yourself. This is absorbed and therefore dries faster.

To ensure a safe stand, DIY garden furniture like this is placed on granite slabs. If you are building the bed yourself, it is best to straighten the granite slabs using long slats. If necessary, you can also let these a little in the ground.

Do it yourself four-poster bed: what you need for it:

* Boards and strips made of wood (untreated)

* Granite slabs

* Square timbers

* Screw clamp

* Sandpaper with the appropriate grain size (40 and 120)

* Cordless screwdriver and suitable drill

* Chop saw

* Jigsaw

The basic structure consists of the following components:

* Cross member

* Saddle beam

* Planks

You can reinforce the corners of your DIY project with headbands. The lying surface itself provides weight and stability. The backrests or their strips are screwed together with posts.

Build a Four-Poster Bed Yourself: What Should You Watch Out For?

Always keep in mind that this four-poster bed is a piece of furniture that cannot be stored somewhere and is therefore exposed to any weather. Untreated wood is a sensitive building material, which is why it is always advisable to treat all parts with wood protection glaze before first use. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and adhere to the drying time specified on the packaging.

Practical Protection for the Four-Poster Bed: Sew a Sun Canopy

Use a length of fabric, which you cut to the width of the four-poster bed and sew in tunnels at regular intervals. At the ends, you can then push round wooden sticks with screw eyes to thread them onto the tensioned wire ropes. These are attached to the two cross members using screw hooks. Make sure that the ropes are one to two centimeters away from the saddle beam.

DIY Garden Lighting: This is How Light Enters the Garden

A well-rounded garden concept naturally also needs the right accessories. How about an impressive wooden trunk lamp? The lamp looks very jagged, but is still extremely stable because the tree trunk is filled with synthetic resin. The 42 cm high construct is also a lighting tool and a small additional stool.

DIY Log Lamp: Allow Enough Time

You should plan around three days for this project. It is best to do all the sawing on the first day and then let the wood rest. This gives the material time to compensate for any tension that may have arisen during the sawing process. The next day you can pour the synthetic resin into the crevices. Each gap requires a drying time of around 1.5 hours. Sanding and painting takes place on the third day. Give the resin enough time to achieve final strength!

What you need for this:

* Tree trunk

* RGB garden spotlights

* Joint acrylic

* Epoxy resin and hardener

* Foil and paper

* Wooden top with melamine coating

* Oak bar

* Teflon spray

* Acetone

* Abrasives in various grain sizes

* Flex with grinding wheel

* Chainsaw

* Breathing mask

* Grater

* Hot air dryer

* Chisel & clapper

* Measuring cup

* Grinder

* Protective clothing

* Funnel

* Felt pen

With your new garden furniture, you will be free to give other things in your life the attention ithe deserve such as adhering to your favourite hobbies- even kinky ones that may or may not include Utah Escorts. (Yes, you have to add balance to your life.)

In the first step, the inside of the trunk is removed using the chainsaw. Wear appropriate protective clothing, which consists of sight, hearing, and cut protection. Then sand the top and bottom thoroughly so that you can mark and saw out the light slots.

Now you can fill in the gaps with epoxy resin. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications when preparing the synthetic resin! It is important that you seal the slots in advance and only pour out one after the other. If all work on the block of wood has been carried out, you can use the RGB garden spotlight, which you control via remote control.