Moving in together

Many couples have made a mistake of moving in together too early in their relationship. There is a reason why we say that love makes us do crazy things. Do you remember that feeling at the beginning of a relationship when you feel like you can never get enough time together? You just want to be around each other as much as possible. This type of infatuation my drive you to make a hasty decision. Thus, it is not a rear thing to hear that a couple broke up soon after they started living together. Since we want to help you avoid these mistakes, here are some tips.

It is all about the timing

Are you wondering after how many months or years of dating should you start living in sin with your partner? Well, stop. There is no correct answer to this question. Moving in together depends on several different factors. However, it all comes down to how mature and stable is your relationship. Maturity of one’s relationship largely depends on how transparent and how honest two people are with one another. In case you are ready to make this step in your life, make sure you hire Best Cross Country Movers. My boyfriend and I hired them for our cross-state move and we had a great moving experience with them.

Saving money shouldn’t be your motivation for moving in together

You surely know what your monthly expenses are. Now take that amount and divide it in half. I am guessing this sounds much better. Imagine if you were to move in with your partner and split all of your living expenses in half. Sound great, right? If this is a motivating factor, don’t be surprised if your entire relationships start going south really fast. It is possible that your lover will move out way faster then he or she moved in. This is not the way to save money if you want to keep your relationship.

If money is tight, don’t try to fix it by moving in together with your partner. Alt text: a Gold piggy bank with a black background.

You need to keep an eye on your partner

Have you felt insecure in your relationship in the past few weeks? You did, so you decided to keep a closer eye on your partner. What would be the best way to do that? Well to live with that person, of course. I really hope this is not your strategy. If you are feeling this way there must be factors or events that encourage you to feel this way. Instead of moving in together, you must come to the root of the problem and solve it ASAP. Moving in together would be putting a Band-Aid on the wound. It might cover the injury, but it will not heal it.

Plan a trip and test your relationship

Going on a trip is a great way to test your relationship. If you aren’t living together, this would the first time you would spend together all day and night. Of course, it is not the same as living together fulltime. However, it is an interesting way to test the waters. Thus, you would have a chance to experience your partner in a different way than usual. So, go on your favorite booking site and plan your next trip. Traveling with your significant other is a great way to strengthen your relationship while getting to know your partner better. In case you have an awful trip and you and your partner just cannot get it together, it might be time to reevaluate.

Was your last trip a success? If it was, maybe moving in together is the next logical step to take. Alt text: A couple sitting on a beach and looking at the sunset.

Moving in together is a bad idea if you have not talked about money

A financial advantage when moving in together is splitting the bills and rent. Of course, if that is your agreement. On the other hand, you can function smoothly and well only if your financial situation is transparent. You must talk about everything that affects your month-to-month finances. Hence, you will enjoy your life only if you get those difficult talks out of the way.

How do you want to handle your monthly bills?

This is another question where there is no right or wrong answer. What is important is that two people come to a mutual agreement that is accepted by both sides. For example, if one partner comes up with an idea and forces it on to the other person, it might work but only for a short time. The relationship would be a ticking time bomb. It would be a matter of time before the other side starts complaining about the agreement.

Share your credit situation

College loans and other types of credit put a big strain on anybody’s budget. It is important to tell your partner which additional bills you have. So, if you want to make a good budgeting plan, everything must be out in the open.

When you are done with the credit talk, share other irregular financial obligations that you have

Many of us have some personal things that we put money towards. For example, every month I pay my grandmother’s cable bill and electricity bill. She is on a fixed income and I am happy to help her since I can. I shared this with my boyfriend since we live together and practically share our budget. Hence, make sure you share this type of stuff.

Make a checklist

I know there is a lot to think about. If you feel like you are losing track, make a checklist of all the things you need to talk about or do. It is possible that this will ease up your anxiety. Also, it can keep you on the right track. Hopefully, all goes well, and you realize that moving in together is a great idea. Afterward, you can also use this checklist to organize your relocation.

Help yourself and stay on track by making a checklist. Alt text: Checking a list with a pink marker.

Moving in together will cause you some anxiety and nervousness. This is absolutely normal. Every change in life will cause you some anxiousness. However, if you feel totally out of order and you feel your life is disrupted wait a second. This might be a red flag. Regardless of what happens, trust your instinct. It will help you make the right decision.