Nenadi Usman has built a wonderful resume of accomplishments in her native Nigeria. In a country where women must fight to reach any respectable level of success, she has open many doors and set standards for other women to follow and laid groundwork for them to reach great heights.

Her disciplined upbringing, high level of intelligence and considerable determination has served her well throughout her career, allowing her to progress while others have stalled. In viewing her resume, one notices a long list of accomplishments that confirm her hard work and ability to win big. Here is a short list of some of the most impressive that speak to her successful endeavors in politics:

  • She was Minister of Finance
  • She was a key member of the Presidential Transition Committee
  • She was a Member of the PDP State Caucus
  • She was a Senator of the Federal Republic
  • She was the Director of Finance Goodluck/Sambo Campaign Organization

By consistently being appointed to powerful positions that required a broad list of skills shows how capable she was at leadership. It also demonstrates her ability to adapt to many different aspects of politics from campaigning to serving as a Senator and to being a part of the President’s cabinet. Her success was due to focus and determination to do a great job for her party and the people of Nigeria.

She also had success in private life. Both as a business person and as the driving force behind projects and programs that support the empowerment of women and children in the country.  Nenadi was instrumental in the creation of a non-governmental organization called “Education and Empowerment for women” that is headquarters at Jere in Kaduna State. She has been active in the NGO throughout its life and at present is the chairperson of the Coalition of N.G.O’s for Women Development in Kaduna State. She also continues to work closely with many organizations that support providing resources for a range of common children’s issues in Nigeria. .her assistance has been key in relieving the suffering and providing resources to many in her home state.

When asked what drives her passion for her work, she replies that there is always the need for those of us who can help to do so, or those who cannot do for themselves might never get help. It is also our responsibility to provide a way up and out for those who want to work hard and improve their lives and the lives of their families. She knows that women make up the backbone of Nigeria society. Women are the home makers, they take care of the kids, and often are even the breadwinners. Assisting them assists the entire country and provides the best hope for Nigeria to improve its social, and economic fortunes.

As Nenadi Usman approaches her next challenges, she is sure that she will continue to bring passion and commitment to the table. She knows that things will be tough, they always are, but with determination good things can happen.