Assisting in your community is an admirable things to do. There are always those who have either fallen on hard times or simply do not have enough to sustain themselves and they count on the kindness of their neighbors to help them get through.

There are also worthy causes operating in your neighborhood that assist the local schools, community organizations and civic groups that provide needed services to you and your neighbors. They also depend on volunteers and donors like Peter Zieve to help provide the needed assistance. When you choose to get involved, you can make a real difference.

Every community has its own list of specific needs and when you live in that community it is easy to see or discover what they are. There may be a need for a park clean-up or a Clearing of fire –prone brush. The community might need funds for a local playground or more beds in the local drug treatment center.

All of these needs should be fulfilled to make your community a better, safer and more supportive place for residents. Here are some of the great ways that you can give back to your community.

Buying From Local Vendors

Buying local supports the members of your local community and often gets you great products as well. Whether it is the local organic farmers market or purchasing plywood from the local instead of the national chain hardware store, you are putting money into the pockets of your neighbors. If they do the same, then the community’s money gets circulated several times which is great for everyone. So whatever it is you need to purchase, take a look and see if there is a local manufacturer of that item and consider making a purchase with him. And let him know that you are buying from him because you want a strong community. If you have a local business you might find that the favor gets returned.


Of course the biggest need will typically be for many so fundraising will always be needed in local communities. Often local communities will have activities throughout the year to raise money for all sorts of things. They also have open calendar dates to accommodate fundraisers.

In some cases they might even have a budget that they can provide for activities so if you have an idea, they might be able to turn it into reality. If you don’t have any ideas you can always volunteer to help with someone else’s ideas. You can use your professional skills or simply lend a hand. These events are great if there is a natural disaster and people in your community need money, clothing or other essentials.


Not everyone can spare money to help but many can. If you find yourself with extra money and would like to donate it, a local charity is a great choice because you can actually see how your money is used. Often when we donate to national or international charities we have no idea what happens with our donations. By investing local we get the satisfaction of watching your money be put to work.

Whatever part you choose to play in helping your community, it is a great idea and will help those in need.