home computer

We live in an age where our homes have so many devices and computers which are connected to the internet that not having security solutions installed on your routers and your computers is something which you just cannot do. Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in cybercrime in recent years and these attacks are not exclusive to the world of business. Security solutions expert Richard Blech is someone who knows all about the dangers which can exist in terms of your personal data and here is why he recommends that you have some form of protection on your home devices.

Data Theft

Most people manage a large majority of their lives online and we use our tech gadgets for online banking, shopping and even just to store information, sensitive information which must be kept that way. Unfortunately, many hackers and cybercriminals are aware of this and they also know how light the security is which many people have in their homes. Thieves can use your data to create profiles which they can then use for all manner of things from creating passports to applying for credit cards or bank accounts under your name. For a cybercriminal this kind of activity is very simple to carry out and that is why you must lock things down.

Financial Theft

Money theft is also a very real threat for many people, and it won’t take a hacker long to find out your credit card of PayPal information which they can then use to make purchases. A prime example of this are the PayPal mirror sites which you may have seen. What happens here is that a person receives an email supposing to be from PayPal and they look very legitimate. The PayPal email will suggest that you update your security settings and then they will place a link in the email that takes you to a site which looks just like PayPal. You will sign into your account and unknowingly give your username and password details to the criminal, who will then have access to everything.


There are viruses everywhere online and if you download things from the internet or if you open a rogue email, you can easily infect your system or your devices. In terms of any theft this may not be how it is carried out but a virus on the computer can still do a lot of damage. Viruses can slow a computer down, they can damage any software which you may have on your computer and in some cases,  they may even destroy the operating system which you are using, rendering your device useless. These viruses often come in the form of a trojan horse which is where an innocuous ole is opened, thus allowing the virus to enter your computer.

Don’t risk your personal data or the systems in your home, make sure that you get protection from cybercriminals and viruses.