Tech Hackers

More and more small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are relying on the internet to make transactions. Because of this, however, they have to deal with new types of security threats. While there are numerous effective security solutions available, most of those are incredibly expensive. This is why Secure Channels is looking into appropriate and affordable solutions for SMEs.

Secure Channels on SME Security Solutions

A recent study by Gartner demonstrated that more and more people and businesses understand how important IT security actually is. Indeed, there is an awareness of the significant cost of productivity loss due to the numerous security threats. However, the reality is also that SMEs are on limited budgets and the high price of good security solutions are true deterrents.

According to experts like Secure Channels, however, there are now a number of basic security solutions that many SMEs do deploy. This includes installing a firewall and antivirus solutions. However, the true high end solutions, which are needed in the business world, continue to be unreachable. Unfortunately, cyberattacks have become increasingly complex and, according to Secure Channels, provides should consider dropping the cost of their more advanced security solutions as a result. This is particularly true for issues such as Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Indeed, companies involved in web design and security integration have been wholly positive about those ideas, agreeing that more security companies should consider the fact that high end solutions are unaffordable to smaller businesses, and this is costing the world as a whole more. SMEs operate on very tight budgets, which means that their focus is always on finding more cost effective solutions. In the present market, where there has also been a reduction in IT budgets, this is truer than ever.

It’s all about Affordability

Numerous security vendors, thankfully, have started to offer customized and more affordable internet security solutions. Those cater specifically to SMEs. There are numerous examples of this, with vendors creating slightly less advanced, but certainly equally effective, security solutions. Some of the standard features these offer include the ability to identify malicious HTTP traffic, applications, and protocols, blocking them from coming into the network. While they may not offer some of the more advanced features, this is an excellent starting point.

Many now consider the high end technology used by hackers to create attacks. Hence, some of the features offered as part of the affordable solutions include remote file lock utilities and customized security warnings. Specifically, this means sensitive files are protected should there be theft of a laptop or data file, for instance.

According to Secure Channels, there is a huge potential now for high end security solutions to create something that is affordable for SMEs as well. Experts like them agree that security vendors must commit to this, offering people feature rich and affordable solutions regardless of their budget. In so doing, everybody will have a chance to protect their critical data.