Los Angeles

Los Angeles is renowned because of what it offers, like Rodeo Drive or Beverly Hills. It is not a city that is often associated with frugal or free attractions. In fact, many think that they need a lot of money to deal with everything that is available. It is quite simple to understand why this is the case. Just take a look at Capital Resorts Group reviews and you will see a word of luxury waiting for you. You can actually take advantage of it when you save some cash as you are there. Here are some ways in which this can be done.

The Getty Center

The Getty, as it is locally known, now hosts an incredible art collection, one of the best that you can find on the entire west coast. The catalog is so huge that it is actually split into 2 different sites. In the much more popular LA Getty Center you can find a lot of Western art dating from between the Middle Ages and contemporary art. This building is a true masterpiece with fantastic views.

If you want to enjoy the second part of the Getty, you can also enjoy Getty Villa from Malibu. It is dedicated to studying cultures and arts of ancient Etruria, Rome and Greece. The Roman-inspired villa is surrounded by fantastic gardens.

In both buildings admission is free.

The Santa Monica Pier

At the Santa Monica Pier you can find dozens of interesting restaurants, parks, vendor carts and numerous street entertainers. A very popular top attraction is the carousel but many locals and even tourists visit because they want to watch people.

Knott’s Berry Farms

You want to seriously consider this is if you enjoy chicken. The chicken dear is so tasty that there was an entire theme park that was built right around it. Every chicken dinner you get includes veggies, mashed potatoes and buttermilk biscuits. After the meal is done, be sure to try the boysenberry pie. Prices are highly affordable so you will not break the bank.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

If in Los Angeles, you absolutely need to walk between Vine and Hollywood Blvd, especially if the trip will be your first time. You will get to see the imprints of the stars and can enjoy the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre if you want to. This theatre is actually still a big favourite for the big movie premieres. Star spotting is something to experience once there.

The Dash

The car culture in Los Angeles is really well-developed. Cars are loved but you do not simply have to rent one. The Dash is the name of the local transit system. It is a really cheap way in which you can enjoy different big cities. The full fare is just $0.25. You even have a senior discount that you can take advantage of.

As you can see, there are numerous ways in which you can experience Los Angeles for just a few dollars. Other opportunities are available if you want them, of course.