Eyes Look

If you talk to any leading professional models — Tyra Banks, for instance — they’ll tell you that they have mastered the art of “smizing.” This involves smiling not just with the mouth but also with the eyes. No, you may not be a model whose paycheck depends on your ability to “smize.” But there’s something to be said here about the power of the eyes. If you’re eager to enhance your eyes’ appearance for a more stunning look not just in pictures but in everyday life, it might be time to tap into the power of facial rejuvenation. It’s a procedure that companies like Sono Bello offer and have been praised for a great deal on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

So, what exactly is facial rejuvenation? It’s a customized procedure designed to help you to feel much better about your appearance. Through facial rejuvenation targeting the eyes, a skilled doctor can lift and refresh/rejuvenate the skin surrounding your eyes. Many patients who have undergone this type of procedure in Chicago each claim that it took years off their appearance and diminished their tired look.

Facial rejuvenation around the eyes is so effective, producing extremely noticeable results, because your eyes are oftentimes the first telltale sign of aging. As you age, you may start to develop more unsightly bags beneath your eyes, or your eyes may become puffier. Perhaps the skin on your upper eye lids are even starting to look droopier. Fortunately, all of these issues can be addressed with the help of the right physician.

With a more rejuvenated face, you can feel much more free to be you. You can finally stop hiding your eyes behind shades while you’re out and about, and you can finally start looking people in the eye with a renewed confidence that will take you far in both your personal and your professional life long term.