If you are a car lover, you want to protect your investment. Whether you own the sports car you’ve dreamed of all your life, a timeless classic car, or just an everyday driver you pride yourself on showing off, keeping it in top condition is important. From getting a custom sunshade on your windshield to applying a ceramic coating, there are many things you can do to protect your car while using it every day.

What Is a Car Bubble?

A car bubble or car capsule is a type of protective storage that is made from vinyl. As the name implies, this creates a sort of bubble that surrounds your car. Importantly, the car bubble has an air-circulation system that refreshes the air around the car several times an hour.

Cars being kept in storage for a long time can suffer from rust, corrosion, dirt and other hazards. These can damage the paint and even the frame and body if left unchecked. A car bubble helps to protect your car against all these potential harms. Some people choose to keep their cars in specially designed garages or storage units. However, a car bubble offers the same benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Some people use car bubbles for long-term storage. Other people use them as protection at car shows, especially when fingerprints are a concern. Simply set the bubble up, drive the car in and zipper it shut. Many capsules can be secured with anti-theft devices.

Car Cover

Chances are you are already familiar with car covers. However, you may not realize how helpful or advanced they are today. With a car cover, you can keep the weather, dirt, dust, corrosive materials and fingerprints off your car. Better yet, some covers are very gentle on your vehicle such as a fleece lined waterproof car cover.

If you have a particularly valuable or precious car, you should be using either a car cover or bubble, even if you keep it inside. Make sure to get a good quality cover as some cheaper options trap moisture against your paint.

Which Is Better? Do You Need Both?

The short answer to this is that it depends on your needs. A car bubble offers superior protection, especially when used indoors. However, it is more cumbersome to set up and also requires electricity to power the air circulation.

A car cover is more flexible and convenient. It is very helpful if you drive your car often and want to quickly put on and take off the protective cover.

You may need both in some cases. If you, for example, store your car for the winter but drive it regularly in the summer, you may want to consider having both a bubble and a cover. If you never store your vehicle for more than a couple of days, it may not make sense to have a bubble. Think about how much protective your vehicle needs and how often you will be using the car. Then, get the right protection for your beloved car.

Lastly, if you don’t have a proper parking space to park your car at home, you could always inquire about parking spaces for rent in a nearby location.