Wearable Tech

Technology is ever growing and has steadily seeped into seemingly every facet of life. Tech isn’t solely limited to entertainment and has now become an integral part in the way that many people function daily, from communication via social media to innovation in business. There is, however, one large industry that technology has had a massive influence on that many may not be aware of and that is fashion. Just like many other industries tech has changed the way that we view fashion and the business that dictates the latest trends.

Wearable Tech that is both Fashionable and Functional

Smart technology has been all the rage in the last decade or so, with huge improvements to computers and mobile devices as they become smaller and more compact. There is now an entire industry of wearable technology now with the advent of smart watches. Fashion-forward fitness gear have also become insanely popular, from bracelets and shorts that track a user’s steps to headphones that can monitor a person’s heart rate.

The Internet Changed the Shopping Experience

With the world wide web ever expanding more and more businesses and designers are moving online, offering their goods and services on websites. This has had a massive impact on the retail market as the convenience of online shopping has forced many business owners to join the growing online marketplace or be left behind. So what does online shopping do for fashion? It is easier than ever for consumers to obtain clothing and accessories that otherwise would have been unavailable to them locally. This also helps clothing manufacturers keep track of the styles and trends that sell better and adjust their strategy accordingly. Being based out of a single warehouse as opposed to trying to maintain stock in multiple stores also allows manufacturers to offer a wider variety of styles and products.

3D Printing and the Evolution of Manufacturing

One of the recent technological developments that has been taking the fashion industry by storm is 3D Printing. While 3D Printing is not exactly new tech its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with 3D Printers steadily becoming more widely available for both business and personal use. The implementation of this tech in fashion has left an indelible mark on the way that we manufacture goods, allowing more versatility for content creators and the ability to create customized pieces more readily.

Fashion Blogs and Influencer Culture

Another interesting development from the rise in technology has been the birth of “influencer” culture, or bloggers that become popular in a specific field. Fashion and beauty bloggers are wildly popular on personal blogs or on sites like YouTube, gaining massive amounts of followers that tune in each week to get their reviews on products and services. A bad review from an influencer could be the end of a career or trend, while a good review could help propel a designer to super stardom. This has changed both advertising and manufacturing considerably as fashion designers have had to change their methods in order to appeal to the most popular influencers online.