Naughty games can be a great way to build eroticism with your long-time partner. Especially if you’ve had a tough time keeping the spark alive recently, it can be extremely enticing to have a naughty game to fall back on when you’re not quite sure how to introduce something new to your partner. This list of naughty games will make it easier for you to get down and dirty in the bedroom next time you’re interested.

Strip Poker

This is the old standby. Strip poker’s pretty simple: the rules are exactly the same as poker, but the person who loses each hand has to take off a certain article of clothing. The game continues until you can’t keep your hands off each other. You can also change this up to be any game, so long as there’s a loser at the end of each round.

If you want to spice this one up a bit, bring the concept of “betting” back into the game of poker. Instead of using chips, you can use teasing or downright erotic acts. Whoever loses has to go through with whatever they bet.

Sex Dice Games

A good way to spice things up is to let the dice decide. You can find a variety of naughty dice on the market, and they’re typically pretty cheap, making them an easy option. One die has an action, while the other has a body part. You roll the dice and do whatever it tells you to do.

Sometimes these dice can come up with some funny and ridiculous pairings. Allow these ridiculous pairings to draw you and your partner closer together. Don’t treat it as something that ruins the mood, but instead as something that the two of you can laugh about.

Random Choice

What’s better than letting fate decide? There are many ways to allow random choice to decide your next exciting romp. For example, you can write erotic suggestions on pieces of paper, put them in a bowl, then each roll a die. Whoever rolls lowest has to draw a piece of paper and do whatever it says.

Obviously, you might want to come up with some general guidelines for this one before you start. You never want your partner to get uncomfortable. Always allow for your partner to re-draw if they end up with something they’re uncomfortable with.

Follow the Leader

Ready for an erotic test of memory? In this interesting game, one partner does a specific action to the other. Make sure it’s short enough to be remembered, but long enough to be exciting. Then, the other partner tries their best to recreate it.

If you’re one for kinky play, this can lend a bit of excitement to the experience. Position whoever wants to be submissive as the “follower,” and whoever wants to be dominant as the “leader.” Think of a suitable punishment in advance. Any time the follower doesn’t perfectly mimic the leader’s movements, add a punishment to the queue.

Bodice-Ripping Pleasure

There’s something deeply pleasurable about literally ripping your lover’s clothing off. For this game, all you need to do is purchase some new cheap lingerie. Tease your partner until they truly can’t take it anymore, and encourage them to rip the lingerie off you.

Don’t go for something expensive or long-lasting. In fact, this works best with thin, easy-to-rip lingerie that you bought specifically for this purpose. That way, you won’t feel bad about having to toss the ripped clothing after you’re done. It’s a guilt-free exhilarating experience.


There are plenty of naughty games out there, whether you’re planning to purchase a game from a store or make your own. If you want a game that comes ready to play with little to no setup required, browse the naughty couples’ games at HUSTLER® Hollywood. You’ll be rewarded with an easy-to-use game that you can get down with immediately.