The incessant technological development has transformed almost every aspect of reality. However, the deeply emotional human experience of love still exists. People keep on searching for romance like they did thousands of years ago. What changed is the tools at our disposal. Our forefathers managed to find spouses without the assistance of the internet – what brought them together were mutual connections or lucky encounters. Today, however, we are so busy with our careers and education that there are little (if any) time and room for thoughtful dating.

Like shopping and education, the sphere of dating has now become Internet-based, with countless dating apps and sites available. If you are single, you should definitely consider using one of these. For a guide on the best options, visit hookup geek and study expert opinion. Aside from searching for potential partners from the comfort of your home or workplace, there are many other benefits. Today, according to multiple studies, it is the most common way to meet your spouse-to-be.


The Benefits

There are multiple benefits associated with internet-assisted dating. First, it is simple. Register online, create a profile highlighting your positive personality traits, upload a few flattering photos – and you are ready to start the journey.

Secondly, you are instantly connected to thousands or even millions of singles around the globe. You may customize the search by setting filters of your choice. Select by location, age, even appearance features. Some dating sites offer special psychological tests to ensure better matching.

The more candidates – the better the chances of finding “the one”. Who knows, maybe your second half lives in another city or even on another continent. After all, international marriage is a common thing nowadays. Finally, there are dating apps for your smartphone. Swipe through candidates during your lunch break or commute. Chat with your matches wherever you are. Today, dating is accessible to everyone, even on the go.

The Drawbacks

In addition to the undeniable advantages, internet-based dating has a darker side. There are a few caveats to bear in mind. Remember these main points to make your online quest for love safe and effective.

Do not trust too easily

On the internet, you may pose as anyone you like, and so do the others. Their motives vary from insecurity to malicious intentions. People may fabricate all sorts of details, from their weight or height to occupation and social status. Your first date, if it happens, may reveal that the user does not resemble their profile picture or that they are only looking for a fling while we’re hoping for a serious connection.

Privacy protection issues

Dating apps and sites, especially the free ones, are infiltrated by spammers and scammers. If you feel that the user is less than genuine, beware. Be cautious and never share any sensitive data with strangers.

To safeguard personal data against hackers, consider using a strong VPN and do not link credit cards with your account. The former will keep your sessions encrypted and your IP is hidden.

Result requires action

On a dating app, you need to be proactive. Do not just passively wait for your soulmate to miraculously find and message you. Flip through others’ profiles and contact the users you like. They may not notice you otherwise due to the sheer number of candidates.

Psychological effects

The seeming infinity of choice may drive us to shallow choice. Users start discarding candidates based on the wrong height, hair color or a single picture. Few people will actually read your profile information unless your photo catches their eye.


Overall, these drawbacks are clearly outweighed by the plus sides. If you are single, online dating is something you should try at least once. The search may get exhausting, but the guidelines above will make it easier.

Dating today is almost unthinkable without the help of online tools. After all, we are all connected via the internet. If you are too busy or shy to chat up strangers in bars, you still have an opportunity to find the perfect match. Just install an app and be thoughtful in your search. A quest for love, even online, requires taking action.