You have decided to buy gold bullion but are not sure where to start. Investing in gold bullion can be a tricky feat but it offers a lifetime of financial security. Firstly, you need to determine the type of gold bullion you want to invest in—bars, nuggets or coins? Coins are expensive and more elaborate as compared to nuggets and bars but you can also find rare collectables that increases its value. Nuggets are always considered beautiful but they come in different prices depending on various factors including the purity level. Bars are simple and the most preferred option when one wants to buy gold bullion. Whichever type of gold bullion you opt to invest in, following tips will help you in getting the best deal:

Understand the Downside

Before you decide to buy gold bullion, it is essential to realize that this investment has a downside. Gold bullion is not for trading and the prices wildly fluctuate. It is recommended to hold onto your gold bullion for at least three years before you decide to sell.

Always Check the Policies

When you decide to buy gold bullion, you must always read the policies and conditions of the dealer. The shipping, the delivery as well as the insurance in case the package gets lost. It is important to make sure that the package is sent through registered mail or some authentic courier service.

Don’t Forget to Compare Prices

Another most essential thing you have to do is compare all the prices before you make the investment. Make the comparison of prices by calling up the dealers to determine their price and shipping costs or looking at the prices mentioned on their website. Furthermore, you should also check the precious metal prices on exchange websites to give you a better idea.

Selecting Authentic Dealers

When selecting the dealers, it is essential to know their authenticity. Always purchase from dealers that are reliable and legitimate. Websites like eBay are not a wise place to buy gold bullion as you could get caught up in the bidding war and might end up paying more than its actual value.

Check The Shipping

Keep in mind the shipping and cost of the bullion when you are comparing prices.

Be Mindful When You Buy Gold Bullion’s Rare Edition

If you are a coin collector and want to invest in rare coins, it is always best to be careful. With rare coins, you must have more expertise and diligence to buy gold bullion. Coins might look similar but could belong to different grades and this difference can be of thousands of dollars.

Authenticity Certificate

It is highly recommended that you request an authenticity certificate of the rare coin or whatever type of bullion you are buying and/or consult a professional to determine the authenticity. It is best to buy rare bullion coins from reliable sources and websites.

Once you buy gold bullion, you must store it in a home safe or a safety deposit box to ensure it is protected. The entire purpose of investing in a gold bullion is to have security in case of a financial disaster which means the security of your bullion should be a priority.