Teaching is beyond just communicating ideas. It’s just as important as making fun. Despite the fact that some teachers do this naturally, others need some help keeping the class engaging and interesting. Whichever the type of educator you are, this article will give you some tips that you need to transform those boring eLearning class into a more exciting and fulfilling one.

eLearning is an unlimited chance for everyone that is into it. Unfortunately, keeping students focused and motivated can be an intimidating task for even the best teachers. When most people think of a classroom and learning, the first word or thought that might come to mind is boring. That is one thing a teacher never wants his or her class to be, or how the students should remember a lesson or the whole learning process.

It’s true that some lectures might be boring, some modules are inherently boring while some are caused by the way that you attempt to pass the idea. Just about the time that you think you have created that infallible lecture plan or engaging activity you realize that students are still not absorbed in the lesson.

In this article, we will look at 6 ways to make learning fun and interesting. Not all of them will suit your students or the facilities where you teach, but there’s bound to be something you can add to your lessons to really engage your students.

Add Visual Aids

Humans are naturally attracted to what they can see. We love looking at pictures, gifs and watching movies. As an eLearning educator, you should take advantage of this opportunity to make your class to be less boring.

To do this, you can create infographics to cheer up your student instead of just presenting tasteless slides of texts. Also, you should consider animated visuals to explain the complex process, your students will like this because it’s best to see a demonstrator perform the steps right in front of you.


The time it takes to finish an eLearning course can be overwhelming. You should create a curriculum that takes your students 2 hours or less to complete. And the lectures making up these 2 hours lectures should not be greater than 20 minutes each.

Scientists have shown that people can only focus on something for a maximum of 20 minutes. Shorter training courses can help keep learners engaged and focused and lead to higher testing scores.

Learn About Your Audience

Before you begin creating your eLearning strategy, you’ll probably want to get a clear sense of exactly who your audience is. You need to know their educational and professional background, their knowledge depth about the subject and what they consider to be fun or entertaining.

You can get the answers to all of these questions through surveys so that you can determine which eLearning design elements and multimedia tools would be ideal additions to your online compliance training courses.


When you teach kids online, one of the most effective ways to make eLearning classes fun is to add a touch of humour. That’s not to say that you should go off the subject matter with jokes and funny stories.

However, you can offer your audiences a small dose of humour by integrating the occasional light-hearted character banter, a witty comment, or even a real-world example that features humorous elements. Remember that the humour should be positive, motivational, and always in-line with what is culturally appropriate.


Who wouldn’t like to play games instead of just sitting for another eLearning course? Gamification has become a very popular eLearning technique recently, as creating a little competition around anything usually makes people more inclined to get involved. You can give your students the best of both worlds by integrating games and simulations that are still informative and relative.

Games are a great way to keep lessons interesting while having a little bit of fun. If students need to practice their math facts then play “Around the World” if they need to remember their spelling words then have a “Spelling Bee”. Games make learning fun and when there are games, there are happy learners.

Review Your Material

It’s important for learning and memory to review new material regularly and to integrate it into the bigger picture shaped by the old material. Spend an hour or two each week reviewing material from the past few weeks, but always position it within old material so that students see how it all fits together. Simply repeating new information represents a missed learning opportunity.

In conclusion, using the techniques listed above can be a fun and interesting way of motivating your students to keep learning and eventually find your sessions exciting. Teaching kids online can be boring from time to time. Your job is to keep the lessons exciting and worthwhile.

You can transform even the most boring subject matter into a truly exciting and educational experience for your audience by using these techniques. Keep them in mind if you find yourself running out of ways to get your classes engaged. These tips are a sure way to get your kids excited about learning again. When your Student take online class they qualify for student loans to help them take care of their education. Make sure to suggest company’s for your students to use.