A Female Inspiration

 Ever since I was a young girl growing up in Waukesha, Wisconsin I always knew that I wanted to grow up to be a doctor. In fact during my high school years we were once visited by Victoria Mondloch, or should I say Dr. Victoria J Mondloch, who spoke to us at length about female medicine. This peaked my interest more than ever and over the years Victoria J Mondloch has been a real inspiration for me. The work that this woman has done for residents of Waukesha, Wisconsin is absolutely incredible and here is how she has improved women’s health in the state.


Beyond her career as a doctor where she specializes in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Mondloch has also taken the mantle in terms of educating people on the importance of female health. As I mentioned in the intro Dr. Mondloch came into my school to talk to kids about the importance of female health and this is something which she will do regularly in highs schools and universities around Wisconsin. Furthermore, she is a regular contributor to the Medical Journal which is seen by thousands of healthcare professionals.

Research and Development

A common complaint which many scientists and technicians who work at research and development centers have is that they want more input from doctors when they are trying to find new treatments and solutions for patients. Something which Victoria Mondloch has been instrumental in is working with these R and D centers to offer her personal experiences and helping them to create and develop new treatments for a wide range of female health complaints.


Whilst Dr. Mondloch knew that she could directly help people through her day job as a doctor, she knew that to bring about real change she would have to get herself into a leadership role. And so after many years of hard work she became the youngest doctor on the hospital’s board and from that position she is perfectly placed to affect change throughout the hospital. This ambition and hard work is what has made Victoria Mondloch the inspirational figure that she is, and yet another reason why I respect her so much.


 In many cities and states around the country there are pop up medical centers which offer free screenings for women, to try and detect ovarian cancer or breast cancer as early as possible. In Wisconsin we also have these pop up centers and the reason why we have them is thanks to the hard work, effort and the lobbying which Victoria J Mondloch has done. These centers are helping thousands of women each year to detect symptoms early and get treatment, which can very often save lives. Without the backing and the vociferous support of people like Doctor Mondloch, these centers wouldn’t exist and they wouldn’t be helping the thousand of women each year that they currently are.