Imagine a situation, 3rd set, 5 games all, you are 30-40 down, what’s the worst thing that can happen to you, your racket slips out of your hand and you lost the point and your serve is broken. As a tennis player, you’ll never want this thing happen to you ever. That’s why the right tennis grips are that much more crucial to your game. In this time of advancement where racket technology has developed so much, tennis grips have also evolved over the course of time. Below is a list of some of the best qualities of tennis grips for your game:

The best tennis grips are usually known for their tackiness. When you hold your racket, it should feel tacky and very comfortable in your hand. The grip should not slip very much and when you are done playing an intense set, the grip should dry soon for tennis fun. 

Some grips are very resistant and water proof grip. If you are a player who likes to train hard, spend hours on the court with extreme training, these dryer grips helps you in feeling comfortable with your racket. It is very resistant to wear and tear.

Tacky tennis grips and Absorbent grips are one of the most popular grips used on the tour by ATP & WTA players including Cori Guaff. You can use this grip for longer periods of time. It’s very thin, water resistant but at higher temperatures can start to feel slippery.

If you sweat a lot while playing, absorbent grips will make you feel comfortable.  Comfort grip uses thick cushioning which might or might not suit your game but if this thick cushioning suits your game, they are the most commonly used grips.

Some grips have a gel grip which will make you feel very relaxing and comfortable by reducing the effect of hitting the ball and providing shock protection at the same time. Players using this grip say that this grip has great tacky feeling without getting too sticky. Grips are just one of the many tennis products to improve your games. Many players and Pros also use tennis shock absorbers to take your tennis game to the next level!

Other Accessories in Tennis

Tennis Racket – To hit the balls

Tennis Balls – To play with

Tennis Apparel – Comfortable clothing for playing tennis

Tennis Shoes – Comfortable shoes for playing tennis

Towel – To put your sweat away

Vibration Dampener – To absorb the vibration when ball hits the racket

Sweat Bands (Head & Wrist) – To absorb sweat from your head and hands

Tennis Bag – To pack all your tennis accessories

Tennis Strings – To string your racket