Shiftpixy is an innovative scheduling system which allows businesses to seek out gig workers and to send shifts to employees with just a few clicks on a smartphone app. To learn more about the types of individuals and businesses who currently use Shiftpixy on an everyday basis, simply continue reading!

Who Uses Shiftpixy and Why?

  1. Business owners of small to medium-sized businesses

Business owners of small to large sized businesses use Shiftpixy to streamline the once complicated process of managing their workforce’s schedules. As Shiftpixy allows small businesses to schedule their employees’ shifts at an affordable, competitive price, Shiftpixy is a popular option for small to medium-sized business owners.

One of the reasons why Shiftpixy is such a popular scheduling system is that employers are able to send shift requests to a group of employees who may be free to work or to a particular individual, who they’d prefer to offer a currently free shift to. Better yet, once an employee who is available to work decides to click on a free shift, Shiftpixy’s software will automatically check their employee credentials, to confirm whether or not they have the right training and authorization to work the shift which they’ve just selected to fill.

  1. Business owners of large businesses and organizations

Business owners of large businesses and organizations also turn to Shiftpixy, as Shiftpixy is able to handle schedules for thousands of employees. Which makes Shiftpixy an attractive employee scheduling solution for larger businesses.

  1. Business owners who are only interested in adopting scheduling software which has a proven track record

Business owners who aren’t willing to accept scheduling software which is prone to bugs or frequent errors tend to flock to using Shiftpixy as Shiftypixy has built a reputation for being reliable and bug-free.

  1. Employees who love being able to access up to date information about their upcoming work schedule

Employees love using Shiftpixy’s easy to download application, which employees to access their work schedule in real time. As an added bonus, employees whose workplace has chosen Shiftpixy as their chosen employee scheduling software will be able to search for extra shifts and confirm extra shifts by accessing their Shiftpixy app on their smartphone or tablet.

Which is far easier, than having to log onto a complicated website in order to check their shifts or worse yet, having to visit their place of work in person, in order to access their upcoming schedule. Or to pick up any available shifts, which need to be filled.

  1. Gig workers who are looking to pick up new gigs

Shiftpixy is also extremely popular amongst gig workers, who are looking to pick up extra work with just a few clicks. As every time they access Shiftpixy, they’ll be able to access hundreds of jobs, which employers are looking to fill as soon as possible.

Hopefully, after reading about some of the types of individuals and businesses who turn to Shiftpixy, you’ll have a fair idea of whether you’d benefit from using Shiftpixy yourself or not.