In my role as a careers advisor I spend a great deal of time going from school to school, trying to help students understand what it is that they want to be when they grow up. A surprising number of students have recently talked about their desire to go into teaching or work as a professor in the future, which is a clear sign that they want to leave their mark on the education system in the country. If you too are feeling this way then I want to talk to you a little today about my good friend Andrew Curran Wesleyan university professor, a Connecticut man through and through who was born in Hartford and now lives not too far away in New Haven like myself. Andrew is an outstanding university professor and I want to share with you exactly why.


 The attitude which Andrew has towards both education on the whole and within his role as a professor is incredibly calm and super driven. I believe that Andrew has the perfect temperament for a university professor as he is stern with his students, but if there is a compliant or a problem in the lecture hall, he takes measured steps to ensure that it is fixed without to much cause for argument or retaliation


 Andrew is so incredibly focussed on the success of his students that it is simply awe-inspiring. I remember having many professors throughout college who seemingly didn’t care about us, and just wanted to make sure that we all passed so that they could hit their targets. Having watched Andrew in action and spoken to some of his students, it is clear that the number one thing that he wants from his job, is to help to improve men and women and encourage them to become whatever they want to become.


 Andrew has never rested on his laurels in terms of the knowledge that he has and he is constantly studying new material and new information which is coming out of many different industries and sectors. As he regularly tells me, he cannot have the gall to try and educate people or share knowledge with his students, if he does not possess all of the knowledge, or at least as much knowledge as is available.

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 Andrew does not just teach his students during their time in the university but also stays in touch with some via email and is regularly on hand to assist with any issues which someone may have. The perfect example would be when he spoke out as a character witness in a lawsuit for one of his students. This after care is exactly why Andrew is the perfect model of a university professor, and someone that anyone with desires of following in his footsteps, should model themselves on.