Employee Reviews


Word of mouth has long existed and has been a successful marketing strategy for many businesses, in recent years this has of course turned into online reviews but what the internet has also brought about is reviews buy employees about their companies. If a business wants the best employees working for them they must do well with reviews like this and that is somewhere that international publishing and print company Best Version Media do very well indeed. On employee review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, the Best Version Media reviews are outstanding and here is how they have achieved such results.


For Best version Media it is about far more than simply having happy employees and they very much focus on creating a strong and positive working culture within the business that will continue for the long term. This culture has been tough to create but in doing it they not only count on positive reviews from their workforce, but they also attract the very best employees from across the media spectrum.


Something which so many companies fail to realize is that staff want to feel valued in their job, they want their company to care about them and not view them as simply a number or a unit. In order to gain this Best Version Media have created a culture in which the staff are listened to when it comes to any new ideas that they have, they are informed about what is happening in the business and they are also consulted on many matters. Beyond this the company loves to celebrate success and this can also help employees feel valued.


Nobody likes to work autonomously, and this is why Best Version Media have always placed a high focus on the tea working in their business. They have done this through smart recruitment, through a strong social scene and through regular team building days. You have to understand that the staff will spend most of their time in the workplace so they must be able to build strong relationships and bonds with their team. Incidentally this can only happen when the workforce is happy and in this regard it is a continuous circle, happy people make great teams, great teams result in happy people.


One of the most positive things which people talk about in the Best Version Media reviews is the flexibility which the management team have around personal time such as vacations and time off for personal reasons. Many businesses treat employees with contempt when requesting such time but Best Version Media understand that if they are prepared to accommodate the needs of their team, the team will also do their utmost to step up when the business needs it.

Best Version Media have created a wonderful company with happy employees and that has lead to greater productivity and a better output for their customers.