Real Estate Investment

Ever since I retired at the back end of 2015, I had been looking for some investment opportunities that I could get my teeth into that would keep me busy, and hopefully make me some money. After having a look around at my options, I realized that I knew nothing about cryptocurrency or oil futures, as well as a great many other investment opportunities which I knew very little about. I was leaning towards stocks and shares when I had a chance meeting with my son’s old basketball coach David Giunta Newport Beach resident like myself and the CEO of Blackplum, a highly successful real estate investment company. After this meeting I was convinced that real estate was the way to go, and so far I have done very well indeed. If you aren’t sure where to invest your cash, here is why real estate will always be the smartest investment.

Secure and Stable

The real estate market may fluctuate but it is very rarely as bloated as other markets such as the stock exchange. This makes real estate the perfect investment choice for someone who is not familiar with the world of investment, and it means that there is far less risk attached to this type of investment. Another great positive of real estate is that you will always have that property, whether the market crashes or soars, that collection of bricks and mortar will always be yours, much better than numbers on a screen.

Earning Options

Real estate also offers you the chance to earn in different ways, depending on how much money you want to make, and how quickly you want to make it. You could buy property with the sole purpose of renting it out, you could buy at the low end of the market and wait for things to pick up or if you are very experienced, you could pick up bargains and flip the houses for a fast profit. These rules apply whether you are investing in commercial real estate or residential real estate and the choice is entirely your own.

Supply and Demand

For an incredibly long time now there has been huge demand on governments throughout the world to build more houses. What this has meant is that for this long a time, the demand for housing has far outstripped the supply which means that as an investor, this is a perfect opportunity to make some money. You will have to be smart in terms of which types of houses you buy, so as to ensure that there will be sufficient demand. Get the house choice right however, and you can count on plenty of people wanting to buy and rent your properties. This doesn’t look set to change any time soon and so it makes for a great time for you to get involved in some real estate investment.

Lower risk, more stability and plenty of ways to earn, real estate is the smartest investment that you’ll make.