Health scares can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Of most importance is to know when you are having health issues. When you do, finding the right kind of treatment should be your top priority.

So, will you recognize health warnings?

Some of the More Common Issues

While some scares are going to lead you to wonder where there is an emergency room near me, others won’t be as dramatic.

Among some of the ones to take in a serious manner:

  1. Chest pains – Although chest pains do not always mean a heart attack, they can be a telltale sign of such trouble. Stress can lead one to have some tightness in their chest and even trouble catching their breath. That said do not let prolonged chest pains go without seeking medical care.
  2. Constant headaches – Many folks deal with migraines and the like on a regular basis. With that in mind, constant headaches should get a doctor’s attention. He or she can run some tests to see what may be causing the pain. In some cases, it could be something as simple as a bite being off and other related dental issues. In other cases, it could be something more sinister going on such as a tumor.
  3. Skin irritations – It is not uncommon for many people to get skin irritations. That said you want to keep an eye on them. While it may be something as simple as a rash, it could also be the start of skin cancer. If you notice any change in the size and shape, be sure to have your family doctor or a dermatologist check it out.
  4. Balance problems – If you are having problems with your balance, it could be any number of problems. Of most importance, have your family doctor run some tests. If you lose your balance and fall, you could hit your head or break a hip or more.
  5. Having seizures – Last, seizures can often be hard to determine why they are happening. Making matters worse, there is no real warning sign or signs that a seizure is pending. That said you want to see your doctor whenever you have your first one. Your doctor can work with you to get you the medicine you need to deal with a seizure. The worst is if behind the wheel or in another such situation where a seizure could mean an accident.

Don’t Avoid Seeing Your Doctor

Although an emergency can creep up at any time, you can lessen the chances by seeing your doctor on an annual basis.

Having a regular physical exam allows you to get checked out for any potential problems.

Make sure to go to your doctor’s office with any pertinent medical questions. Yes, some doctors seem to be in and out of an exam room in a matter of minutes. Make it so your doctor does in fact take the time to listen to you and any concerns you might have.

Last, take a family member or friend with you to the exam if you have a bad memory or are hesitant to ask questions. That person with you can help decipher what the doctor is saying and how best to treat any issues you have.

In doing your best to recognize any health warnings, be sure you take heart in your health.