For something as broadly beneficial and safe as chiropractic treatment, there sure seems to be a lot of misconceptions out there. Perhaps it’s because some people hear about the twisting and stretching of a spinal adjustment, and assume it’s painful and harmful. That couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as chiropractic treatment, when performed by a licensed professional, is safe and without pain.

Further than that, chiropractic care is safer than other methods of pain reduction, like pills and surgery. To clear the air surrounding this often-misunderstood form of treatment, this article will debunk a few of the more common myths about chiropractic.

Adjustments Hurt

Not only do chiropractic adjustments not hurt, but many patients actually say they feel an instant sense of pain relief. It might feel momentarily uncomfortable if, say, the chiropractor reaches a tender area, but as with all professionals you need only mention this to them and they will make sure to go easy around that area. All in all, you will probably find chiropractic adjustments to be a relaxing, if novel, experience.

It Can Cause Arthritis

This one shares a common ancestry with another myth – namely, that cracking your fingers causes osteoarthritis. This is a myth that has been thoroughly debunked. Not only will chiropractic adjustments not cause you arthritis, but the restored alignment to your spine can actually help slow and abate the effects of arthritis.

Once You Start Visiting, You Won’t Stop

People who are experiencing back pain, and looking for a new chiropractor to help them, might raise concern that they don’t want to keep going forever. But this simply isn’t the way chiropractors operate. Instead, they will assess your problem(s), and put together a treatment plan – the plan might take some time, or not very long, depending on the severity, type of problem, and other issues unique to your case. It’s not “addictive” either, at least not in the traditional sense; pain relief, while not “addictive” is something your body will naturally crave.

It Doesn’t Do Much

There are many studies that suggest the opposite – that chiropractic treatment, in addition to providing back pain relief, has a whole host of other benefits. This might include better sleep, an improved immune system, fewer headaches and less stress. Since the spine is such a central and foundational part of your body, it makes perfect sense that its health can impact your overall health. Often, patients who go in strictly to mitigate back or neck pain find themselves walking out with a number of other problems solved, problems they might not even know they had.

Hopefully, this article helps set straight some of the misinformation out there concerning chiropractic care. If you experience back or neck pain, if you’re an athlete, or simply want to correct your posture, visit a chiropractor. Not only will you not experience any of the negative things listed above, but you will probably improve your overall health. That’s something that everyone can get behind.