Are you looking to improve your singing? Here are five tips from experts that will help you control your voice, sing strong and confidently, and sound your absolute best.

Sing with style

Contemporary singing is not like opera singing. Modern vocalists have an infinite range of different sounds between and within the different genres of music. You have probably noticed this wide variation and realize that this is why modern music is so interesting and compelling. If everyone sounded the same then there would be no reason to listen to new artists. Fortunately, we can all have the music that we like to hear, and there are always new and different singers to find and follow.


The proper way to inhale for singing is to drop the diaphragm and stomach, which allows the lungs to take in air and fill the chest cavity. You should not raise your chest when inhaling. This constricts the muscles of the chest, stomach and back, which actually decreases your lung capacity. Tightness in the back, chest, stomach and throat are never a good thing in singing. Learn to control the muscles in these areas and you will be able to inhale more air.


We all take it for granted that when we take a breath we are going to exhale it. This is a normal part of our body’s functioning and fortunately we do not even have to think about it. Imagine having to consciously direct your body to exhale while doing all of the things you do it a day. Well, when we exhale while singing, we need to help the body perform this function in an efficient and effective way. We don’t want to use all of the air in our lungs too quickly so we need to control the exhale. We want to use just enough air to form the words and create the necessary volume. That means controlling the contraction of the muscles that we used to inhale.

Develop Your Vocal Tone

Tone is the brightness and darkness in music, which are also known as treble and bass. You may have seen controls to adjust treble and bass on a music player or radio. You can hear the difference as you increase or decrease one or both of these. Bass highlights (without changing) lower notes and instruments, while treble highlights higher notes or instruments. Listen to your favorite singers vocal tone and learn to hear the brightness or darkness in their voices. These are aspects of your voice that you can learn to control and adjust according to your preferences.

Aim Your Voice

No, you are not trying to aim where your voice is going in the room. If you sing loud and strong then your voice should fill the room. What we mean by ‘aim your voice’ is actually trying to direct the flow of sound towards the roof of your mouth. This part of your mouth is called the hard palate. Click on this link to see a picture of the hard palate:

The tips listed here can help you become a good singer, but ultimately it is up to you. Your dedication and hard work are the ultimate keys to success. If you want to learn more, consider taking online singing lessons. Good luck and have fun along the way to becoming the best singer that you can be!