Best Apps to Help You Plan A Motorcycle Road Trip in the USA

Planning a road trip means a lot of research, listing down details, and knowing the best thing to try. Most people make a bucket list without realizing that you need much more than just a few beautiful sceneries. You also need details about the rule, is the place tourist-friendly or what season is the best. Most people rely on social media platforms where they join groups and everyone helps them know about their personal experience.

However, it is very important to know that you need much more than just traffic rules. Some places look extremely breathtaking in the picture but once you visit them, you will be surprised. Most of the tourists’ attractions are filled with tourists that you cannot even capture a decent picture of the place you are visiting. Some places are not motorcycle friendly, others have a time limit. According to this personal injury trial attorney, injuries to motorcyclists tend to be severe or fatal, so riders need to put safety at the top of their minds at all times. 

All these things mean that the person sharing their knowledge is only helping you know about the time and season that they have spent. This makes the online review very biased. There are so many places that become crowded in winters but stay abandoned during summers. You need to know all these details so that you can know how to cut the trip cost and also about the best place to visit.

For travelers that have an eye for adventure, there are so many apps. These apps offer complete details of the places to visit along with details about the rules, regulations and safety. For a beginner who is just getting their motorcycle journey started, this is going to be transformational. We have sorted some of the best apps that are available on both android and apple so you can easily plan your trip accordingly.

Top Apps for Planning Your Next Road Trip


Just like Google map but with a little twist, Waze offers all the alternatives, shortcuts, and possible travel partners. It takes all the details from your GPS and offers real-time routes. Most people when traveling in a group tend to get lost, this app helps you stay connected with your group and also helps you know their location. In case you get lost somewhere, you can ping them. It is completely free and there is no subscription fee.

BBC weather app

Perfect for the weather forecast so you can easily plan your trip according to the time and seasons. This app is a must-have even if you do not like to travel. The best thing is that this app is free and you do not have to pay any subscription fee. People who visit forests or have various forests on their way must use this app rent your space.

Diablo Super Biker

This is one of the most interesting apps on our list. Most people complain about off-roading and how they adjust in tricky situations. This app is good for experts who like off-roading, adventure sports enthusiasts who are into racing, and beginners who find it hard to adjust according to the track conditions. This app offers a good insight into the route and the track that you have chosen for your destination. It helps you know about the condition of the track so you can adjust speed and other things accordingly. The best thing is that this app is free and you do not need any subscription for that at all.

Motorcycle Theory Test

For a beginner who is just getting started, this will help them prepare for the theory test for a license. Although a little boring in case you are not aware of the travel conditions and travel rules, this app can come in handy. Although this app is not related to the experts’ drivers, if you are in the learning phase you will know a lot about the traffic rules. This app is not free and you need to pay subscription charges for that.


This is the last app on our list that you need on your phone. For motorcycle enthusiasts riding a motorcycle on the road and following all the traditional routes is not everything. Sometimes you need a lot more than that to quench the constant thirst for adventures, this is exactly where OsmAnd comes in. This helps with knowing in detail about all the routes that you will not find on Google maps, instead it offers a good insight about the best routes for off-roading.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your requirements. You will have so many different social media platforms where you can get reviews from other travelers but you cannot customize your requirements. This also means that interaction and getting a detailed review will only get difficult over time. Most people get very easily annoyed, others have a very limited exposure about the place and another important thing is that some people have a different personal preference. Planning a road trip means you need to set your requirements as your priority. This also means that you need to assess the details about the desired place before you plan everything. For that, you need an unbiased opinion so you can save your time and money. Online apps offer an unbiased opinion that you can benefit from without paying anything.