Everyone loves to save money. And with so many options available when it comes to hair styling tools and products, it’s easy to get swept up in a bargain.

But the truth is, we don’t give hair dryers nearly enough credit for their ability to take your damp, stringy hair and turn it into a full blowout beauty to be enjoyed by all.

And, while an inexpensive blow dryer can definitely achieve this look for you, there are some compelling reasons why you might want to splurge a little and buy a professional grade one instead.

1. Material Makes a Difference

The quality of your hair dryer is going to largely rely on the material it’s made out of. And, as with most things, high quality things comes at a higher price point.

For example, more expensive blow dryers that are worth the money you spend on them come with rubber protection for those times you drop it on the ground, specially designed lint traps that easily remove for more convenient cleaning, and even the cool shot button for blasting your freshly dried hair with some cool air to set it.

2. Salon Grade Blow Dryers Dry Faster

If you are spending more money than you normally would so that you can have a professional hair dryer, you better bet that thing is going to dry your hair faster than anything you’ve ever used before.

The reason expensive hair dryers dry faster is because they have higher wattages. And, the higher the wattage, the faster the dry job. This is especially helpful for those with think, coarse hair, which is notorious for taking a long time to dry regardless.

3. Cheap Can Do More Damage

Sometimes cheap hair dryers hide behind cool sounding terms such as “Ion Technology”. And, while this may sound like it makes the hair dryer that much better, the truth is, using a blow dryer with ion technology actually does more damage.

That’s because this type of technology uses negative ions, that close down the hair cuticles, and tend to make your hair frizzier, which no one wants. On the other hand, a hair dryer using positive ions open the cuticle, which speeds up the drying time and protects your hair.

4. High Quality Means Longer Lasting

Again, as with most things, higher quality things will last longer, making them a more cost effective investment in the long run. The best hair dryers can last for years, so long as you take care of them. Not to mention, your professional grade hair dryer will work just as well years later as it did the day you brought it home.

5. Better Hair Dryers Are Versatile

Everybody’s hair is different.  Plus, sometimes you need to blow dry a full head of wet hair, while sometimes you just need a quick touch up. That’s why investing in a professional style hair dryer full of features is the best option.

Top-notch blow dryers come with a variety of settings and controls. For example, crank up the heat when you’re in a rush, lower the temp when you’re feeling frizzy. Plus, using the temperature controls adds built-in hair protection that will keep your hair sleek, calm, and damage free.

As you can see, despite the additional upfront cost, investing in a high quality hair dryer is the best route if you can afford it. They offer flexibility when it comes to styling, have built-in protection, and do the job better than any cheap hair dryer on the market will.