Last week I went in for my very first beauty treatment and during my lunch break I went for some facial fillers in Chicago downtown. Facial fillers come in many different forms and the idea is to rejuvenate the muscles underneath your skin, and it serves to help you remove wrinkles and generally make your face longer fresher, stronger and most importantly, younger.

This treatment was of course a little bit of indulgence on my part, and I was stunned at the speed and the effects of this treatment. Cosmetic procedures have advanced an incredible amount over the past decade or so, and now you can even get some of these treatments, as I did, during your lunch break. If you are looking for a quick and impactful treatment, here are some which you can do during that one hour lunch break.


There are few things worse than spending a great deal of time in the morning getting your hair right, only for it to be a disheveled mess by lunchtime. In order to reverse this, why not spend your lunch break in one of the many blowout bars that you can find in big cities. Essentially these are hair stylists but they specialize in giving some and men a quick rejuvenation with a blow dry, and a fresh style. This will usually take no longer than half an hour before you are back to work, looking fresh as a daisy.

Skin Peel

In true Sex and the City fashion, you can use your lunch break to go for a quick skin peel. Unlike a lengthy facial, these peels focus on getting rid of the dead skin on your face, and showing off your fresh and new skin. Usually this can set you back around $50 and the results are absolutely amazing. There are many different products which you can try, depending on the beauty salon, all of which aim to give you a fresh and clean look, perfect for that afternoon meeting!

Express Facials

If you are looking for a deeper cleanse than a peel will give you, there is the option of going in for an express facial. These mini-facials offer the same kind of treatment and procedures as the full facial, albeit at a faster pace, and with less focus on depth. In just 30 minutes you can feel completely revived and ready to take on your afternoon schedule after a mini-facial.

Laser Hair Removal

Believe it or not this is a quick treatment which will last for a long time. Hair removal sessions can be schedules in and very often they will take no more than 10 minutes, depending on the area. Many women like to do this during their lunch break because it means that once they are finished work, their schedule is clear. If you have some unsightly hair to get rid of, why not go ahead and do it on your lunch break?