Graduation Day How to Prepare for a Graduation Party

Is somebody special in your life going to graduate from school? Are you planning on throwing them a graduation party? If yes, you should know that it’s not kid’s stuff. Hosting a graduation party can be a very exacting task. Therefore, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you prepare the best possible graduation party.

Prepare Your Budget

Preparing a budget is very important when it comes to party planning. Determine the costs of food, decorations, location rent, entertainment etc. and evaluate the total cost.

Make a Guest List

You should first determine the cost per person and then make a guest list. When you make the guest list, make sure you ask the guest-of-honor who would they like to invite. Make sure you send all grad invites at least 10 days before the event. 

Decide your Venue

Whether you choose to have a backyard party at your place or a formal event at a restaurant or any other fancy location, make sure it’s approachable for your guests. If you have friends or family members helping you, a backyard party won’t be too hard to organize. However, if you don’t have any help and you can afford the location rent, you should do it somewhere where you can get professional assistance.

Decide a Theme

Themed parties are always fun to have. You can go with a classic theme with caps, tassels, and diplomas present everywhere or you can go with a rather personal theme like using childhood photos of the guest-of-honor and making the party more about that person than about their graduation.

Plan Decorations, Food, and Entertainment

Once you have decided the theme, make sure your decorations are consistent with that theme. When deciding the food menu, make sure you include dishes that are generally liked by everyone. Whatever ideas you have for entertaining guests, make sure they are tailored to meet the requirements of all age groups from your grandparents to your younger siblings.

Send Graduation Invitations

Once everything is decided, it’s time to send a personalized graduation invitation. You can look for various graduation invitations templates online and come up with something that’s consistent with your party theme.