Trees are wonderful. Most of us like them. So, it makes sense for us to plant a few in our gardens. The more we plant the better it is for the planet and our family’s well-being. Trees clean the air, reduce noise levels, provide homes for wildlife and bring many other benefits.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways for you to include trees in your garden. Even a small yard can have one or two trees planted in it. Here are a few ideas, which will, hopefully, inspire you and get you planting more trees.

Use trees to create a beautiful hedge

If you want to create more privacy in your garden, keep the noise out and reduce pollution levels, planting a hedge is an excellent approach. Using Arborvitae Trees from The Tree Center or another supplier that services your area you can get the job done quickly. Planting hardy evergreen trees from the arborvitae family is a very cost-effective way to define the boundary of your property.

Create distinct areas in your garden

This type of tree can also be used to screen off various areas of your garden. There are several reasons you may want to do this. For example, you may want to give the bottom half of your garden over to growing vegetables. Planting a low screen of arborvitae trees can enable you to enjoy two different styles of garden. You could have a traditional flowerbed garden which you can see from your house and a vegetable garden section set up, and hidden, behind a screen of green.

Use trees to create a beautiful focal point

Ornamental trees are a very good way to create focal points. There are many different approaches you could take. Trees can be pruned and crafted into beautiful shapes. Learning the art of topiary is easier than many people realize. It is a fun and very absorbing hobby. However, if you do not have the inclination or patience to do it yourself, you can simply buy a pre-crafted topiary tree from a garden center instead.

Protect your property from the elements

Trees are a great way to shield your home from the worst of the elements. The fact that more of us are experiencing extreme weather conditions means that doing this is becoming increasingly important.

A large tree that is planted in a position that will cast a shadow over your home at the hottest part of the day can help you to stay cooler. The shade created will greatly reduce the rate at which your garden and property heat up. Provided you choose deciduous varieties, in the winter, there will be very little shade created. At that time of the year, you want what little sunshine there is to be able to get through to your garden and home.

Trees can also be used to protect your home from a prevailing wind. Provided you choose varieties that can withstand this kind of exposure, they are a very attractive way to solve what can be a difficult issue.